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May 8, 2016

A grateful heart...

My heart is grateful for...

...Marnie, Jeanette, Leigh and Whitley who all worked throughout Wednesday to support Shar and the boys.

....Mary Spencer Huber, who came Thursday and made herself available to help with students and offer feedback as we were dealing with how to talk with students.

....all of you for your care, concern and expressions of support. Shar is feeling very loved and is very grateful.

....Heidi, who works really long hours (in the closet) preparing for STAAR. I'm grateful that our testing days are always calm and uneventful.

...Kelli, who has been a terrific addition to our team. Wednesday is nurse's day, so be sure and tell her thanks!

...our community, who supported our bond proposal!

Literacy survey


This is a feedback survey for Cindy Felker. 12 people have completed this survey so far, but there should be more people who have an opinion and I know Cindy would appreciate the feedback.

Summer enrichment video

Summer Enrichment video: Here is a video about summer enrichment opportunities along with a link for the C & I professional development opportunities https://www.smore.com/g7fy6

Update on new staff

We have offered letters of intent to Karly Evans, who will be a first year teacher in first grade. Karly is a Baylor grad, and all of her interviews and observation were outstanding.

We've also offered a letter of intent to Samantha Watson, who has taught for 2 years in Irving ISD. Samantha is slated for our 3rd grade position, but it might wind up being 4th depending on how the numbers fall.

In second grade, we recommended Brittany Cohen who has 6 years of experience, and is coming from Richardson ISD.

Next week we have 2nd interviews with a teacher for the 3rd grade ASPIRE position and the 5th grade new position.

All of these new staff members mean that we will have to be very intentional about working on our culture next year. We will have lots of new people who will be working hard and trying to figure things out, so part of our focus will have to be on making sure they are getting the support they need while we still continue to make progress on LEAD 2021. It's a little mind-boggling, but also really exciting!

small group minutes

This is based on 19 classrooms for this week:

Reading: 78%

Math: 84%

Our goals for the year were 85% reading, 82% math.

This week:

Monday, May 9

Art Club, 2:45

Tuesday, May 10

La Academia Spanish 2:45-3:45

Wednesday, May 11

choir 3/4/5

Thursday, May 12

Marimba Band

Friday, May 13

Gator Games

La Academia Spanish 2:45-3:45

Bowman Sports 2:45-3:45