Every expert was once a novice

Do one thing today that will make the biggest impact

What can you do today? What can you do right now?

Mike Lohner was on the Leader Call today and it was EXCELLENT! Just what I needed to get my skin back in the game after our get-away to Florida last week.

My top take-aways:

  • Nothing that can motivate you more than little wins.
  • Take time to focus on yourself and your personal growth
  • Failure is just a pathway to success
  • Believe in yourself - even when doubt creeps in, focus on your short term and long term goals
  • Surround yourself with positive, happy and pro-active people (debbie downers are not welcome in your circle!)
  • Focus, discipline, grit and character - all qualities that can push you out of a rut and get you going again.
  • All you need to do is start. Start small but just do something!

Maybe starting small means making one call a day? Maybe it's looking at your calendar and committing to booking 2 more trunk shows because you want to make more money. Maybe it's meeting someone for coffee because you think she would be a great stylist. DO SOMETHING, daily small steps will always lead you to reaching your goals.

Speaking of goals, as a team, let's gear up to have March be a stellar trunk show month! Last March 2015, we held over 50 trunk shows with a team volume of close to $88,000 - impressive to say the least but I like to think big and push the envelope a bit.... I'd love for our collected team effort to hold 60 qualified trunk shows and hit $100,000 in sales. How can we do this? By picking up the phone THIS WEEK and front loading March. With the summer capsule collection being released on March 3rd, college basketball starting March Madness, St. Patty's Day, Easter and spring breaks taking place, March is a fabulous month to re-birth your business and for women to reconnect with friends while updating their spring look!

I will keep track of the team trunk show pipeline and the sales on a weekly basis and send you updates via our team smore newsletter.

A great idea to connect with women who would like to focus on having a fundraiser trunk show.

This idea came from my dear S&D friend, Chrissy McManus who has had incredible success with offering fundraiser trunk shows. Who do you know that might want to donate the hostess credits to a charity or non-profit near and dear to her heart? Justifiable shopping at it's best!
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Don't Forget!

Summer Preview Collection!

New arrivals are on their way! Our Summer Preview Collection is a few weeks away giving you yet another reason to reach out and book!

  • Wednesday 3/2 - Sampling Opens for All Stylists!
  • Thursday 3/3 - Customer Launch!
  • Wednesday 3/9 - Sampling Closes

All Stylists who earned their sample discount for the Spring Collection will be able to sample the Summer Preview Collection at 50% off. Additionally, any Stylist who earns 250 PQV between January 1st and February 26th will also be able to sample at 50%!

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Boston Divas - don't forget to RSVP to Carrie for the Team Meet Up/Bowling Night next Tuesday - 3/1! I am competitive and want our team to receive the glory of winning! Come one, come all!

Ahhh, the flexibility factor....

Let's all remember that the beauty of this business is the flexibility factor. This can be a blessing and sometimes a curse since we allow the flexibility factor to warrant limited effort. Believe me, I am guilty of this!!! Lets try not to use the flexibility as a crutch, rather, let's make it a component in which we are more structured and efficient with our S&D time.

If you haven't already, take a few minutes today to look at your week ahead and see where (days and times) you can invest in S&D - whether that means making phone calls, mailing out some look books with a handwritten note or dropping off Look Books and your business cards to local gyms, salons, spas, etc. If you have a Wine Expo in your area, I highly recommend seeing if you can get a booth - wine and jewelry go hand in hand and it's a great venue to meet other women who may want to join your team or host a trunk show. Another great networking opportunity is finding when and where the Young Professionals in your city are meeting or tapping into the local philanthropic network.

Kristen Weiss, Proud Director & Founding Leader of the Divas Unite Team!

I know I've written this before, but I am just a phone call away. I love coaching calls and would love to connect with you (or meet in person) to hear about your goals, your obstacles and what you want out of this business. Call me on your way home from work (or to work!) or when the kids are in bed or when you are walking the dog. Shoot me an email or text me and we'll schedule a 15 minute pow wow!

Here for you, always!