Tundra Biome

Aaron Carter 5th period

Abiotic And Biotic Factors

Biotic Factors are Deer, Plants and Foxs.

Abiotic Factors are Water, Tempeture and Rocks.

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This Biome is.........

This biome is always on the cold side the tempetures are in the summer 3-12 degrees and in winter -34 degrees. Animal are caribou, grizzly bear, willow, pika, foxes. Plat life is caribou moss, Turtied saxifrage, pasqueflower flower. Abiotic is the -34 degrees, the sun, water, the air and the rocks. The soil is called Perma Frost because it is always cold their so it stays frozen.

How do we affect and help this biome!

We can help this biome by use alternate resources instead of oil so we don't have to use oil rigs at the Tundra, put signs out in special spots so we don't destroy plants and run our scents in animals home so they won't come back, and stop global warming for polar bears and other animals. We harm this biome by having global waring, stop using are cars so much and try to use buses or underground trains and we need to stop over populating states and other places!

Cool Facts about the Tundra!

It is a plain without trees.

That there is over 400 flowers and plants.