Where's the beef? (Or any food?)

Southern Food Shortages Are Devastating

Food Shortages

The People of the Confederacy, do not panic, there are food shortages. The Union has cut our food supplies/resources down to nearly nothing with their Blockades, Total War idea and the Emancipation Proclamation. We are suffering and can't find any food but if we bond together we could show the Union will won't back down.

Stand Up Confederate People

Solutions to food shortages

Some solutions we can do to help us in this time of need is to stock up, stand up, and don't throw up. Everyone should be stocking up on food, it might be hard to find but if you do find food do not eat it right away unless you're dying, stock up and make a supply for you and your family. Smuggling food might be a big one for finding food but anyway you can get food is good. Any able bodied man should stand up and sign up for the Confederate Army. We need all the man power we need and you need to protect and provide for your homeland. If we can successfully invade the North we could access some of their food and bring it to the South to solve our problem. Last thing is to not throw up. Be wise and eat what you need. Don't pig, don't eat so much so that you run out of food, be smart and stick it up and save it for future use.