Project Viva Early Teen Visit

Complete the remainder of your visit in our Kenmore Location

Thank you!

As a Viva participant, you have continued to be a part of a study that has made exciting contributions to the field of maternal and child health . As a result, Project Viva investigators have informed national advisory boards on pregnancy recommendations and have been featured on HBO’s Weight of the Nation.

You have contributed to our Early Teen visit by completing most of the visit components in your home, and we are very grateful! We would like to invite you into our Kenmore office to complete components we are unable to complete outside our office. These visits are very brief taking approximately 30 minutes. Our extra visits are held in the Kenmore HVMA directly across from Fenway Park. As a thank you for your time we will validate your parking for the entire day and give you $20 as travel reimbursement.

Flexible Visit Completion Options Available:

We can find an appointment time that works best for you and your teen!

To Thank You For Your Time

-$20 or a complimentary cab voucher for completing the visit at Kenmore

-Free parking validation in Fenway on day of visit at Kenmore

-Print out of your teen’s skeleton

What remains to be completed for your Early Teen Visit.

DXA Scan: This is the ‘gold standard’ for measuring body composition and you leave with a picture of your teen’s skeleton!

Nasal Swabs: By swabbing the inside of your teen’s nostrils, we can learn more about allergies and asthma.