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November PTO Meeting

Monday, Nov. 6th, 9pm

1001 Heron Drive

Mankato, MN

October 10th PTO Meeting

October 10, 2017 Rosa Parks PTO October Meeting


Treasurers Report: Deposits from walkathon and apparels madePrincipals Report: Kruise is absentTeacher Report: Thanks so much for the books! Teachers were very happy to find their bags of books the following morning! Secretary’s Report: Smore’s Newsletter is available online. Secretary position will be available for 2018-2019 year

Old Business:

Book Fair: Some damage was done to about $150 worth of books in the book fair during students walk through so we ask that students look but not touch. We love that students get excited about books and hope that this can continue. A volunteer to possibly help Lisa in 2018-2019 year as she transitions out of position. Thank you for Funding and Books – many thank yous from students and teachers

Walkathon: Huge Thanks to all of our parents who helped! Suggestions for next year – Open House and Book Fair on the same night but Walkathon at a different time. Change up for next year – danceathon instead of walkathon. Walkathon potentially switched back during the school day so all students can participate.

Kindness in Chalk Day: PTO purchased chalk for the students to write kindness messages on the sidewalks with CARES buddies!

Walk/Ride to School Day: We provided water bottles and an extra gift card for the each grade level to receive two prizes each. Promoting safe bike and walking etiquette should be encouraged before the next event.

New Business Team:

Apparel Team – Thanks to the new team for the new logo design and clothing options. We appreciate you joining the team and getting right to work! Some fixes need to be made to the form for next year.

Children’s Museum Night – Tentative Date – Tuesday January 16th. Two requests Will PTO donate $50 for the upper level to be opened? (approved) Potential request for us to provide a light meal for families. Some concerns with the meal is enough space for that many people to be eating.

Reading Corp Presentations: Maybe a more appropriate time for presentation would be for parents to help with their young readers and this may be a better fit at I Love to Read Night.

Crosswalk Options: Tabled until next time with Mrs. Kruise presentation

Background Check Funding: More information needed We are looking at potentially paying for parents background checks.

Food Fundraisers:

McDonalds Night – 5-7 Monday nights over the next few months. We would have to hand out coupons to collect the 35% of sales for the people who have coupons. 4-6 volunteers are needed.

School Pictures/Yearbooks Options:

Most of the companies called do not service the area. Sherry Shultz – Inspired Photography – interested but looking at being able to service our size. She has fantastic reviews and would be a local photographer. Blooms Schools – provide multiple choices of pictures and no pictures are ordered until the pictures are viewed by parents online. More comments and information will be coming next month.

Funding Requests:

*Items purchased for our students here we should have the items stay at Rosa Parks. Potentially stickers can be placed on items.

Mrs. Giesen – would like a rug for the storytelling area for media center. $696.64 approved

Mrs. Elias – Flexible Seating - Third Grade is looking for wobble chairs. 16 chairs – 4 for each classroom. $1095 for 16 classrooms which would provide seating for 18% of students - approved

Mrs. Dauer – OSMO Genius Kit Device that attaches to the ipads . Students can use for math, reading, visual thinking and can vary for all kindergarten levels. $96.63 - approved

Mrs. Nickels – classroom rug $385.36 – approved

Mrs. Lowrie - $320 for cart to haul the sleds out to hill for recess

Miller/Hassig – unifex cubes to support math learning especially for the skyscrapers program for Talent Development students.

Molenaar – math bins for carrying math supplies from classroom to classroom $85.90

Dates to Remember:

October 18th Picture Retake Day and Apparel Forms Due

October 19, 20 – No School

November 6 – PTO Meeting (Monday Night)

Rosa Parks Open House and Walkathon

Tuesday, Oct. 3rd, 5:30pm

1001 Heron Drive

Mankato, MN

Rosa Parks Open House and Book Fair

Come check out your students classrooms from 5:30 - 6:30pm

Join us to raise money for your students and activities at 6:30 pm.

September 19, 2017 PTO Minutes

Treasurers Report: Deposits made for Milk Moola (we collect milk moola, Hyvee receipts and box tops) and Apparel Sales

Principals Report: The district is seeking an operating levy in October. An operating levy helps maintain daily day to day operations. The levy goes for 10 years and the current levy will end at the end of this school year. The school district is asking for $350 per student. The majority of this fund is used for staffing. In the district website at the bottom of the website a link for operating levy information. The operating levy will not tax farmland. Please share this information with friends.

Top 20 Corner – curriculum being implemented this year at Rosa. Rosa Parks is working on becoming a Top 20 school. Rosa Parks is working on the emotional and social learning of their students Top 20 curriculum supports and builds up the CARES/PBIS program that already exists taking it to another level. Ask your students about some of their rules so far: Help each other succeed, honor the absence, see the problem, own the problem. Teaching students that being confused is a part of learning. Frustration and celebrating mistakes, embracing curiosity, persevering when something is hard is all a part of the Top 20 learning. The goal is to help students becoming successful – tying learning goals academically with social emotional goals – like working through something when it is difficult. Also Top 20 Parent books are available – Willow Sweeney. The Top 20 team will be working with Rosa Parks staff for the next 3 years.

Teacher’s Reports:

Jenna Carlson – Top 20 and a full time counselor are huge for the school. Puma Pride in gym – head women’s basketball coach from MSU talk with students about working hard. Lunch and Recess time was added based on parents feedback in Thought Exchange. Teachers are enjoying the effects. Puma Pride days will be on late start mornings.

Marcy Koch - Quarters for Hurricane Recovery – donated to Red Cross. Students are asked to do chores for their parents for quarters at home. Students are embracing the concept of empathy.

Old Business:Summer School Donuts were given for staff that taught and entrance conferences lunch, Kindergarten First Day Tissues. PTO helps provide meals for conferences throughout the year. PTO added a Square Credit Reader so parents can use the credit card for school events and apparel. School Picture Feedback – Front desk was friendly but some parents felt rushed. Conversation continued next month about Lifetouch.

New Business:

Looking for volunteers:

Volunteer for Apparel – apparel for Rosa Parks ordered through Mr. Monogram. Fall order with students and staff and then a reorder in the spring for fifth grade and restock. This is really a twice a year commitment. – Tiffany A, Jenna L Sara E – thanks for your help!

Volunteer for Donation Sorting – (Milk Moola, Hyvee Receipts, Box Tops – Katie P. and Felicia E. Thanks for your help!

Volunteer for World’s Best Workforce Committee: Dates of Meeting Oct 23, Dec 13, Feb 19, April 17 3:30 – 4:30 – Parent Rep is needed from Rosa Parks to meet and discuss curriculum, accountability, instructional curriculum plans, and improvement goals.

Walkathon – Two parts to Walkathon. First – Event of the walkathon and Open House, Second – Fundraising for PTO. The Walkathon is our biggest fundraising event of the year. We do not ask our students to sell anything door to door, but do the walkathon as our fundraising. Donation Awards: 20 oz Water Bottle, Ice Cream Scoop Erasers, Sweatshirts

Walkathon: Route – Will avoid any crossing of streets

Treats at end of the walk: stickers, popcorn

New Volunteer System - online sign up for volunteer simple and easy to use for parents.

Funding Requests: All 100% yes votes for approval

Cut out maker replacement blades – Aimee Togel

Bussing for 2nd Grade field trip to Rasmussen Woods – science and steam lesson – Thought Exchange feedback

Living History Farms Field Trip 4th Grade - $2 per student $210

Roller Skate scholarships- $500 as needed for students

ELL Practice Card sets - $230 plus tax – through office with discount.

Peacemakers $114

1st Grade Wobble Chairs $467.16

Mrs. Gore Classroom Rug - with defined sitting spots $300 - $400

Social Studies Newspapers - $688.50

Marcy Koch – School Counselor - full time at Rosa Parks this year. Peacemakers is a leadership opportunity for students to help with conflicts on the playground. Training will occur next Tuesday and treats will be provided. Marcy is requesting funds for treats for the peacemakers training and meetings. Marcy is also requesting reflective vests for students to wear while on the playground. Unanimously voted as yes.

Rosa Parks PTO Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 19th, 6:30pm

1001 Heron Drive

Mankato, MN

Join us for the first PTO meeting of the year. You can find us in the media center! Meet some fellow parents and maybe even get a sweet treat! Help us plan events for the kids at Rosa Parks!

Childcare Provided!

Rosa Parks PTO Meeting Minutes 2016-2017

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