Grade 1d News

4 February, 2016

This week in 1D

Hi 1D families,

This week's hi-lights came largely from the wonderful sports events organized by the PE staff. It was a terrific morning, allowing students to experience fun, energetic events that were a great match for their levels of skill and interests. Ms Pooja and I took a lot of photos, which I am sure you will enjoy. When I last checked, though, the slo-mo effect didn't seem to have uploaded properly, so I will try to fix this. Either way, check them out in this week's photo folder .

Things to note for the next two weeks include the Qatar National Sports Day on Tuesday, when there will be no school, and the 100th day celebrations on Thursday which will involve fun activities for all Grade 1, all day. Thank you to everyone who has sent in 100 of something to the classroom. Please also make sure that your child is working through the Valentine's Day cards as homework, and is on track to have them ready for our class celebrations the following week.

Enjoy your weekend.


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Coming Events in 1D and LES


February 9 - No School, Qatar Sports Day

February 11 - 1st Grade 100th Day of School


February 14 - Valentine’s Classroom Party

February 14-18 - Reading Week

February 23 - 2nd Grade Concert

February 26 - Friendship Festival

March 10 - Trimester 2 Ends

March 17 - Report Cards sent home electronically

March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day and Shamrock Shamble

March 25-April 4 - Spring Break


Big Idea:

  • Comprehending Nonfiction: Determining importance


Big Ideas:

More text features and punctuation:

  • Using bolded words

  • Using comparisons in writing

  • Introduction

  • Conclusion


Big Ideas:

  • Add ones and ones or 10’s and 10’s, using tape diagrams / part-part-whole relationship to solve various problem types


Big Ideas: What do plant parts do?

  • By the end of this week, students will know and understand the function of the stem and leaves.