Battle of Leningrad

by: miranda lacina

Impotornance of Battle of Leningrad

dates of battle of Leningrad 1941-1944.
Nations that fought in this battle are for the Axis:
It was fought in Western Europe and the Russian plains to the China and the waters of the Pacific.
Axis: include Germany, Italy, Finland. For the Allied: Soviet Union
Casualty's: axis: 1,017,881 killed, captured or missing

other facts

2,418,185 wounded and sick. And for Allied 642,000 during the siege, 400,000 at evacuations
Why its significant: it lasted 900 days
Who won? The Soviet Union wins!
-Its called seige of Leningrad or the blockade
-food and fuel where limited to 1-2 month supply
-200,000 people died of starvation