By Marco Villarreal

About Africa

Africa is a big influential continent on the planet Earth. It is very interesting because of its different cultures, its climate, and plants. Africa is the second largest continent on this planet. It has a wide variety of people in Africa who don't always get along. There is rich resources such as diamonds, and gold which made Europe interested in claiming Africa.

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Cool Facts About Africa

Deforestation is a big problem in Africa, people want to cut down the trees and that is not good for many reasons. The pygmies in Africa's forests are being deprived of their homes by logging. Some play a marble game called mancala, also some do ostrich racing, and wrestling for fun. In small villages their houses are made out of mud and have thached roofs. Some black smiths are respected or even feared in small villages. Africa is really hot. The wild life in Africa is very exotic you can't find them any were else in the world.

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Africa's Involvement With Europe

Africa's involvement with Europe is not a good one in the past because Europe used to try to take over many of their countries. Europe thought that Africa was weaker than them so they took over much land which led to fights and rebellion.