Pink Barons

Adidas Shoe Design

Why did you choose that particular item to design?

It is cool shoe. It is versatile can be used for fashion,basketball,or tennis courts.

What inspired you?

The pop/rock/punk star P!nk, Her style is very edgy. She is a rock star and that is what the shoe is supposed to be, a rock star shoe.

Why did you choose the colors you chose?

We choose the colors because one they are our favorite colors. They also incorporate the the bright and eccentric colors of punk rock star style.
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How much should your designs cost in store and why?

Fifty dollars so that its available to everyone.

Where should your designs be sold and why?

All shoe, department, and online stores because when someone wants a shoe, they will not look in every store.

By Alex Shells, Dejasia Cook, and Nicole Wallace