Communication Technology

Ryan Duong P4

Impact on America

Communication in America allowed people to speed up the development of urban areas across the vast land of the U.S. Inventions, medicine, and technology were all able to be transferred or improved due to improvement of communication technologies.

Morse Code and the Telegraph (1836)

The first telegraph was created in 1836. It allowed people from across the country to be able to communicate important messages faster than ever before. With the introduction of Morse code by Samuel Morse, war was also changed forever. President Lincoln, during the American Civil War, was able to communicate to his generals via telegraph and helped give the North an edge.

The Typewriter (1868)

The Typewriter made printing cheaper and allowed news to spread by paper throughout the country. It allowed the common man to be kept in the loop of politics and major events. Newspapers, books, and magazines even today, have changed the way the American people interact with information. The invention of the typewriter and printing press made it easier to mass produce information. It also allows journalists to persuade their audience to a certain side. Before this, news was transferred much slower, and was not available to as many people.

Radio (1895 and 1920s)

The radio was originally invented in 1895, but had the most impact in the 1920s. They were in the homes of many families, and were often the main source of information and entertainment, Later, in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the first "radio-broadcast fireside chat." He used this to talk to the American public about his political policies and basically used it to comfort the people. Before this, news about politics was still relevantly available, but the radio made FDR seem like he was speaking directly to the people in their own homes.

Internet (1950s)

The internet has accelerated technology and news development across the entire world. It allows people to communicate, reasearch, entertain themselves, and learn about the rest of the world. The mass communication has allowed for new innovations and new innovations. It allows people to communicate instantly and globally, finally connecting different parts of the world in one form of communication.