Zen Buddhism and Plays

By: Emma Dunlay

Zen Buddhism and Plays

1. The oldest type of play is called Noh. They were used to teach the Buddhist ideas.

2. Japanese wrote stories, poems, and plays.

3. Japan's oldest form of poetry was the tanka. Tanka's only consisted of five lines.

4. They danced, gestured, and chanted poetry to the music of drum and flute.

5. Buddhists monks brought zen to Japan from china during the 1100's.

6.Zen taught people that they could find there inner peace through self-control and a smile way of life.

7. Martial arts are sports, such as judo and karate, that involve combat and self-defense.

8.Meditation is where you sit crossed legged and motionless for hours, with the mind clear of all thoughts and desires.