White Witch

The Cold Queen of Narnia

By Ginny

About Me

I am known as the White Witch or Her, but I call myself the Queen of Narnia. I am feared by most and served by others. I made it always winter and never Christmas. I am powerful but the people of Narnia believe in a prophecy that one day i will soon fall from my place. I want to make all those people stone.

When I hear Aslan's Name

When I hear Aslan's name I want crush the nearest statue out of anger. I feel like I myself am stone, for I fear him. Others are delighted when they hear his, except Edmund of course, but I want to hide behind my throne and wish that he is gone, but I know this is no use. I want to make sure he is done for but I know I can't stand up to him without having my knees shaking.

Father Christmas's Gift

The children got weapons like swords, potions, and arrows to defend themselves from forces like mine. I despise Father Christmas, but if I were to get a gift I would want a different wand that instead of making others stone, it would make people burn to ashes. Although it would give off heat, it would take less space this way. People would have a different on why to be afraid of me.

Favorite Quote

"Understand that you have given me Narnia forever, you have lost your own life and have not saved his. In that knowledge, despair and die."

It shows how I outsmarted Aslan. When he died so did the promise of not killing anyone else.

Link to a Site

This link guides you to a winter resort that is cold like Narnia. It is a place full of snow and ice. Coldness rushes toward your face as ski down. It is just like Narnia, there is no ensured safety in either