Safety In Carpentry

By: Logan

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chemicals in the workplace!!!

There are 3 main chemicals in carpentry that can cause safety hazards in the workplace.

1. Wood Dust: Hardwood dust can cause a rare form of nasal cancer and also can cause asthma.

2. Solvents: some chemicals used in carpentry like solvent based stains, varnishes, paints and adhesives can have serious effects on the liver, kidneys and central nervous system.

3. Wood Preservatives: wood preservatives go on some different woods to preserve them and make them last longer, the solvents can cause damage to central nervous system and can dermatitis.

Chemical Safety precautions

- Avoid using solvent chemicals, use water based products instead.

- use a vacuum cleaner instead of a brush for cleaning wood dust

- install better ventilation system

General carpentry Safety!!!

General Carpentry safe work practices.

- Use and maintain all PPE equipment.

- Follow safe lifting techniques.

- learn about chemical hazards (WHMIS, MSDS).

- Work safely with woodworking machines, hand tools and powered hand tools.

- Know how to report a hazard.

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