Whitsitt Elementary Library

Check Us Out!

4th Nine Weeks Menus

Final library menus for the year have finally been sent out after much delay. Be sure to check your email and sign up!

Testing, Testing

The library will be closed in the morning during TCAP week, April 30-May 7th. Once testing is complete for the day, an announcement will be made so students can come to the library. DIBELS testing is also coming up in May and will impact the library schedule.

How about a little PBL?

If you want get your feet wet on Project-Based Learning, let's get together and talk about it. We could try a short-term mini PBL that could go along with your science or social studies or connect with a unit from Journeys.

Laminator Training

I will be demonstrating the fine art of loading the laminator on Wednesday, April 23rd after dismissal. If you are interested in learning how to do it, please attend.

Who Would Win?

A fun end-of-the-year project would be for student pairs to research similar animals, then put together a "Who Would Win?" booklet. I have a couple of sets of books about animal look-alikes that would encourage students to compare and contrast leopards and cheetahs, butterflies and moths, etc.

All Star Training

A few folks have completed are getting near to completion on their modules. If you have not begun and need help getting started, be sure to contact your assigned trainer--Rae or me. If you have any professional development days left, you can use them after testing is over.