It's GreenDECO


Leaf ? Life!! LIve up Your life

Lacking of Green Color in your room? Dull color dull environment so getting dull mood.. GreenDeco solve your PROBLEMS!

Here we GreenDeco intro you to have a baby cactus bamboo to sense the beauty of nature. You'll have chance to grow your own plant in room, either fern plant or baby cactus! Doesn't this sound cool to take care of MYSELF plant? Plant colors up your room and mood after a long way studying. They keep you refreshing and keep calm whenever you getting stress. =))

Don't like inanimate life? Here we offer you another option, cutie guppy fish!!
Have you ever seen many guppy fishes swimming freely inside a cool light bulb?
Light bulb?! Yes! We recycle this thing to turn into a sweet habitat for tiny guppy fish. They're easy to be taken care and awesome to be seen when swimming together in an unique light bulb. Can you imagine you have these fishes keep accompany to you when you studying, playing computer games, or reading? Never be alone!! ^^