Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

Nathan Mack


The history of deer hunting in Wisconsin is a story of adaptation and tradition, of preserving a treasured natural resource and protecting on of our favorite pastimes. According to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, deer hunting produces over $1 billion in income for the state's economy every year. The start of deer hunting in Wisconsin was in 1834 Lafayette County reported crop damage by deer(Lake-Link 1). Preserving this stream of income means continually adjusting legislation to protect a healthy deer population. The white-tail deer has been an integral part of Wisconsin life from its earliest inhabitants to deer hunters of today, and the needs of Wisconsin's humans have always had to forge a balance with the state's deer population.


There are many different types options for gear when it comes to deer hunting in Wisconsin. First of all you may use a rifle or a shotgun, being that were not in flat landscape like in Minnisota where they have to use shotguns we may use rifles. The most popular gun for deer hunting in Wisconsin with a rifle is a 270. The most poular gun for girls and the youth hunters is a 243. In Wisconsin we are required by law to where blaze oarange clothing, and your blind or stand must be 35% blaze oarange. during the bow season we can where camoflouge. Clothing ius becoming more and more expensive for hunters as time goes on with knew break throughs in technology. next i will talk about optics, there is a very wide varietry of hunting optics out there for hunting today. most hunters have a doe call, a buck call, and rattling antlers, and maybe some deer sent.


Deer hunting does not have very much income for most deer hunters, but for some it is a gold mine. There are many people who make a living deer hunting, by producing tv shows and selling hunting equipment they design. For most hunters here in Wisconsin the only income they get is the meat they put in there freezer, and for some deer hunters that is there only intention. A few deer hunters go for the trophies and the sense of pride and accoplishment they feel after a succesfull hunt. Some of the local areas in Wisconsin have "Big Buck Contests" every year which does give some cash reword, but it is usually never close to the expense of the hunt.


There are many expenses when it comes to deer hunting anywhere. Your average deer hunting rifle costs around $800 whein it is all set up. that is not to mention all of the bullets you buy, which are normally around a dolllar a bullet. Your clothing for deer hunting is becoming very expensive as well. If you would want to buy a shirt for hunting, just a plan camo shirt you will have to pay around $20.00. If you wanted to buy a hunting jacket you could easily pay up to $150.00 . If you are a bow hunter your bows are very expensive, and the broadheads you shoot would cost you $15.00 to $40.00. All these expenses are not including your foot wear, and your hat or gloves, and the gas that you spend driving to the stand, or to the registration station. The finall expense is that many people take off of work to go deer hunting, so on one of those days someone took off they didint see a deer they would have wasted a hole day that could have been spent making money.


The biggest deer ever killed by a gun in Wisconsin is a non-typical shot by Elmer Gotz that scored 253 and had 30 points. the monster buck was killed in Buffalo County in 1973. The biggest buck in Wisconsin ever killed by a bow was killed in 2009. this 29 point buck scored 243 6/8. It was killed in Fond du Lac and the lucky bow hunter was Wayne Schumacher. The biggest puck that was ever hit on the road by a vehicle was a 33 point non-typical monster that scored 237 7/8 it was hit by Lewis Bissell in 1914(Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club 1).

Rules and Regulations

In Wisconsin we have many hunting regulations. We have many separate seasons, but we always have one main bow season, and one main rifle season. You may only hunt during the time of the season that you qualify for. You must always buy a license, there are separate licenses for gun and bow seasons. When you buy your license it must be visible while you are hunting, and no one else may carry your license. If you are a beginning hunter, you must hunt within talking distance of an adult for your first two years, unless you are over 18(Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 14). All hunters must take the Hunter Safety Class, and pass the test that is giving there in order to be eligible to buy a license.


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