Anatomy 4D

Carrie Mearns, ITC 5440

Anatomy 4D -- Interactive 3D Body Mapping


Made by DAQRI, Anatomy 4D is a free app that enables the user to explore an accurate 4D model of the human body, adding or removing specific body systems and viewing it from different perspectives.

How does it work?

1) Download the target image and either display it on a screen or print it on any size paper.

2) Download the Anatomy 4D app (free).

3) Open the app and point the screen at the target image.

4) You can then select various options: male/female, transparency of the skin, and which body systems to display. You may move closer/further away and view it from various perspectives.

Educational Strengths

  • Free! Models that would show the same spacial relationship between body system could be very expensive.
  • Accessible with a printed paper and a free app…very doable in a classroom setting.
  • Memorable/real experience

Educational Weaknesses

  • Very limited content
  • Information is similar to a model. It would be nice to have other information linked to the specific body systems (such as Star Walk which is linked to Wikipedia)
  • Does not work with a projector (target image is not defined enough)
  • Age warning pops up, restricted age - 17 or older

Educational Applications

  • Anatomy
  • Health Sciences
  • Nursing/Medical Schools