Mo Willems

By: Michael Vazquez

Summary about Mo Willems

Mo Willems was born February 11, 1968 in Des Plaines, IL. The biggest challenge he faced was publishing books because he was nervus about the people that would by them. He wanted to start writing when he saw other people drawing and writing and that is why he wanted to start. He is curently doing a number of books on his own, as well as submitting work for other compilations.

Central Idea Statement

Mo Willems is a children's book writer for kids that did not have as much money he did it at his house most of the time.

Summary of Synthesized Information

Theme: The theme of Mo Willems books are never give up on what you are trying to do. I think this beacuse in one of his books like in the book the pigeon wants to drive the bus he wants to drive the bus and the bus driver says no and no every time but the pigeon never gave up. Another reason is that in book 2 they never gave up on trying to let the elephant bother the pigeon.

Tone: The tone of Mo Willems books are cocky and disbelief because in the books he can be happy and funny and some can be sad and not very funny.


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