Technology Usage in the Classroom

How does the use of laptops in school effect a students learning enviornment?

Using laptops effects students learning in many ways. Laptops can give a positive effect on learning by making it easier to access things. Students can access more stuff by using laptops and having access to the internet. They have way more tools to use then just a pen and a paper. By having technology in the classroom such as laptops then they can get stuff done alot quicker thenhaving to write everything by hand. It is a lot easier to type and assignment then to write it all by hand.

The Bad Side of Technology in the Classroom

The biggest downside of using technology in the classroom would definately be the distraction it could cause. Although there are many positive things that technology brings to the classroom it can also cause a distraction. Just because students can use their technology for learning doesn't mean that they will always use it for good. Students could use their laptops and smart phones and be doing other stuff on them instead of their work. Along with this some students may prefer the old school method of just using books and worksheets. Not all students may like the use of technology to do work.

What do I Think About Technology in the Classroom?

In my opinion I do not like using laptops. I'd rather not use them for everything i would prefer to just use books and worksheets. It is much easier for me to learn this way then doing all this other complicated stuff on the computer. It is more to keep up with all this stuff online then it is to keep up with books and paper. To some people technology makes it easier but not for me. I think laptops in the classrom are not needed. I learn just fine with worksheets and books. i dont find it necessary to have to go to all these websites and do all this stuff on the computer when i can do just as much with a pen and paper.