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Everybody Wants To Have A Slim Figure

Radical diets and starvation rates in the absence of maintenance therapy can lead to symptoms of mental disorder. These symptoms can be eliminated with the help of psychotherapy, which includes counseling and behavioral nutrition. Many patients are turning to self-help groups as well (such as Overeaters Anonymous).

Those who are constantly dieting should not forget that the restriction in food, as a rule, not a mental problem, but it can be a cause. In case Sophia D has only girl of four children in the family. Her father was an alcoholic. When she was a baby, his father and mother, as well as between children and parents had a difficult relationship. In 14 years, Sofia weighed 58 kg with height 165 cm She felt "terribly thick" and start diet, but the effect was short-lived. At age 17, she weighed 74 kilograms.

Because of fear of ridicule she became sharply restrict their caloric food, starving and has reduced the weight to 58 pounds. She felt like she was saying, "suppressed, congested and small jobs." At school, Sofia tried to stand thanks to the success in difficult subjects to prove that it is capable of producing only the highest marks. When checking every little she felt cornered and resorted to lies. In dealing with the boys she had strong social fear that has grown to such an extent that in the last academic year, she moved to a school for girls.