Yersinia pestis



Bacteria can harm animals, plants, humans and even the environment in different ways. Depending on the type of bacteria, they can cause mild to severe infections which may or may not lead to another organism's death. This pathogen cant spread through contact only through flea and tick bites.

This type of bacteria has gram negative rods which infect the skin and lungs, leading to bubonic and pneumonic plague. It is also now considered as a potential biological weapon.
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The way you can treat this disease is through Antibiotics used for the bubonic plague, the person will also be placed under isolation so the disease does not spread.

If you want to prevent from getting the disease you should stay away from wooded areas that way you don't get bite by a infected tick of flea.

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Spread of H1N1 (Picture above)


Pandemic-A pandemic is where a disease such as the flu spreads globally.

Epidemic-An epidemic is when a disease like malaria only stays on a continent like Madagascar.