Plant and Animal Growth

Chelated Minerals

Proteinates for Animal and Plant Health

How Proteinates Support Plant and Animal Growth?
Proteinates are organic compounds obtained through chelation of metallic irons and amino acids. These are extracted using different methodologies and added as plant and animal nutritious supportive ingredient.

Chelated Minerals
Chelated minerals are useful animal nutrition supplement and they protect the nutritious properties of animal feeds. They form a bond between organic molecule and metallic iron and preferred as a commercial animal feed ingredient.

How processing Technologies Helps?
The extraction of particular element from the resources remains one of the significant aspects that help to obtain the purest form of raw materials for nutritional application. There are several technologies applied for the extraction process which depend on the kind of raw materials.

Know about the Varieties of Raw Materials
Bio-organic nutritional products are available rich in seaweeds, mineral nutrients chelated with amino acids, humates, etc. These are naturally available and contains rich nutritional features which can be aided for plant or crop growth and achieve excellent yield.

Soychel Series-Biocal-Liquid Calcium –Nutrition for Dairy and Poultry
Biocal is a liquid form of health supplement that contains complex calcium in liquid form. This ingredient is fed for dairy cows, buffaloes in order to obtain successful lactation.

Water Soluble Organic Minerals
Amino acid chelated minerals are organic minerals which are processed to be used as supplementary proteinates for animals. These are also called water soluble proteinates which help in fighting with mineral deficiencies in ruminants like dairy cows.

Smart Mins - For Specific enhancement
Smart Mins are made by combining specific forms of amino acids and these are water soluble organic trace minerals. These are available with explicit nourishment requirements like zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, iron, manganese, cobalt, selenium, chromium and liquid calcium proteinate.

Protein Hydrolysates for Animals

Hydrolyzed protein is derived from reliable and superior quality protein present in organic elements and these are applied as additional feed in poultry, pig, aquaculture, etc. These are digested protein supplement which are processed through special technologies like vegetable protein and bacterial enzyme.

Liquid and Powder Protein
Hydrolyzed protein is available in liquid and powder form. These are preferred as digested protein for animal poultry, livestock and pigs.

Advantages of Using Protein Feed
These ingredients contain excellent quantity of free amino acids, dipeptides and tripeptides and shows good solubility when mixed with water. Using them for feeding animals fetches you most favorable results in terms of increased growth rate and quantity and quality of meat.

Manufacturers of Proteinates
Suboneyo India is a leading and largest manufactures of bio organic products which are then used as nutritional supplement for veterinary and agricultural and fermentation requirements.

Seed Coating Polymers
For seed production, we provide seed coating polymers which can be applied with insecticides as well as fungicides. This product is available in customized specifications as per the agricultural requirement.

Fermentation Nutrients
Suboneyo also leads the role in manufacturing Peptones. These are produced from porcine and bovine tissue and can be applied as enzymatic digest for cultivating microorganisms.

First Manufacturer of Concrete Foaming Agent
When it comes to construction industry, we are the first producers and exporters of concrete foaming agent in India. It is applied in manufacturing of CLC bricks. We also provide natural origin foaming agent called Foamcrete that helps in producing high quality foam.

Cosmetic Ingredients
We provide Silk Amino acids and silk peptides which are obtained from natural silk. When these ingredients are mixed with skin care products, they provide certain amount of antioxidant action and leave skin soft.

Flavor Enhancers

We also export flavor enhancers and hydrolyzed protein flavor enhancers to be used as supplements for nutritional aspects in animals and organic plants.

Quality and Reputation
Our company has been equipped with excellent processing facilities and we give way for innovations in manufacturing methods to maintain our reputation in product quality and purity. We provide different forms of proteinates obtained from bio organic resources like seaweeds, and process the same to be added for animal feed and crop protection.

Proteinates are obtained by combining amino acids with metallic ions. These are organic products and serves best in the growth of ruminents and plants.