Inter's Third Grade Newsletter!

November 16th-20th


*Field Trip

Next Friday, November 20th, 2015 the Third Grade will go on a field trip to Museo del Ferrocarril, Muncipalidad de Guatemala, and Mapa en Relieve. Please bring back the bottom half of the permission slip and 12Q if you are allowing your child to participate in this wonderful opportunity.

*Family Day

We really hope to see all of you tomorrow November 14th, 2015 for Family Day! There are many reasons for you to come to Family Day, but I would like to point out two specific student activities that I would like to invite you to.

1. Artistic Activity "My school" for our 40th Interamericano Anniversary

All Inter students that come to Family Day will have the opportunity to decorate/paint a piece of fabric with the topic "My School", and sign it. The different decorated pieces will be part of a collage that we will produce at Family Day, and that will be exhibited throughout the entire school year. Every section meets at a specific time in the track of the soccer field to complete the activity with their teacher. The section that manages to get the most amount of students participating, will win a pizza party, sponsored by OPAI!

The time our section will meet during Family Day on the long side of the track is:

Grade 3 : 2 - 3 pm

2. All Inter Choir Presentation

All Elementary students will participate in an All-Inter Choir presentation, presenting "Orgulloso de ser Chapin" and a Christmas song they will sing together with Middle and High School students. It´s the first time we are forming and "All Inter Choir", and we would like to see as many Elementary students as possible.The All Inter Choir presentation will take place on the soccer field (Cement stairs). All students have to gather at 5:15 pm, the presentation will start at 5:30 pm. We hope to see all of you and your children at Family Day! You will be receiving more information about the events, the food and the games during the next days, but we wanted to invite you specifically for our student activities on that day.

This week in Singapore Math!

This week we will continue to work on Chapter 9 Using Bar Models: Multiplication and Division. Students will solve one-step and two-step word problems involving multiplication or division, using bar models. Chapter 9 Test will be on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015. Please take advantage of the Chapter 9 Smarty Pants Review problems. This will help students practice additional word problems, and provide extra support to prepare them for their exam.

*Bar Models with Multiplication and Subtraction

*Practice Multiplication and Division Fact Fluency

*Practice Addition and Subtraction fact fluency to work on the

This week in Literacy!

This week we continue with Theme 7-On Moving Ground. The Comprehension Strategy for this week continues to be Fix-Up Strategies. Fix-Up Strategies help students understand difficult words in order for students to better understand the text. Some examples of fix-up strategies include;

  • Use illustrations,
  • Read- on,
  • Break into parts,
  • Use context clues,
  • Ask what makes sense,
  • Skip over and come back,
  • Replace with other words,
  • Sound it out.

Students will also learn about QAR (Question-Answer-Relationship), a fix-up strategy used to better understand the text and questions about the text. Vocabulary for this week includes demolish, repair, alert, earthquake, and landslide. Grammar includes synonyms and antonyms, words that have similar and different meanings. Theme 7 test will be on Monday, November, 23th. For writing, students will continue to write opinion pieces!


Please make sure your child is reading each night, listening to the stories, and taking the quizzes. Reading for 20 minutes each night is one of the best ways for your child to become a better reader. Third Grade is tracking the number of books read in order for the class to earn incentives, such as a popcorn party! Thank you for your help with this!