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September 16, 2022 #differencesmakeusstronger #welcomeback

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Join us for Start with HELLO week starting Monday - 9/19

In an effort to help students facilitate positive relationships and make all students feel included, students in all grade levels learned about the "Start With Hello" initiative this week. "Start with Hello" is a program to help foster peer relationships and help others feel included. This social awareness is especially important in middle school.

The following activities are meant to spark conversations and facilitate getting to know each other:

  • MONDAY 9/19- NAME TAG DAY( In HR students will receive a name tag to wear for the day)
  • TUESDAY 9/20- FAVORITE T-SHIRT (Students wear a t-shirt that has meaning and can help facilitate a conversation)
  • WEDNESDAY 9/21-ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE DAY (Students thank each other and staff)
  • THURSDAY 9/22- THE "FINE ARTS" T-SHIRT (Students wear their favorite art, sport, or music t-shirt)
  • FRIDAY 9/23-MARSHFIELD SPIRIT COLORS (Students wear green and white)

We also have a guest speaker coming to speak to all students! See below.

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GUEST SPEAKER Brian Williams to visit FBMS

We are excited to welcome guest speaker, Brian Williams, to our school next week. Brian speaks about promoting kindness at schools across the nation. Here is a link to view the presenter in action.

Students, especially in middle school, can sometimes struggle with relationships and how to treat each other. Experiences and discussions that help students to recognize that everyone can have an impact on how others feel are so important and impactful. We are excited to welcome Brian next week.

THANK YOU to our PTO for organizing this upcoming event!

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ATTENTION Theater Members

The Theater Program has a new Canvas page!

Students who are involved in the program should have received an invitation to enroll. If anyone participating in theater did not receive this invitation, please email Mrs. Shanahan.

The cast list has been posted to the Canvas page. Please comment to accept or decline your role.

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition --- you gave us choices and made our decisions difficult. We are looking forward to a fantastic show.

The next rehearsal is Monday, September 19th, in the band room. It is a full cast rehearsal and everyone is needed. The next tech meeting is also Monday, in the auditorium.

Pick up for both techies and actors is at 4:30pm at Door 6.

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THANK YOU for attending Open House

We want to thank all of the Parents/Guardians who attended "Back to School Night." It was great to see the halls bustling as you made your way through a day in the life of a student at FBMS! If you were unable to attend and have questions, please email your child's teachers or guidance counselor. We are here to help!

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Planning out Bridge Construction in STEM


Marshfield Public Schools is thrilled to announce a new app for mobile phones!

Stay up-to-date with access to events, documents, news from administrators, student stories, and even emergency notifications.

Launch Video

You can download the app for free on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Download for Android https://bit.ly/3yOktQ8

Download for iPhone https://apple.co/3nVNlzs


Starting On Monday, 9/19 we will be collecting spare change in support of Childhood Cancer. The "GOLD BOOT" (see below) will be located in the front office!

See details below:

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Important Info. & Upcoming Calendar

In order to have a successful school year, we ask for your help with the following:

1. Update parents contacts in ASPEN--Update directions here (please check your email)

2. Sign off in ASPEN on Student Handbook Expectations

3. Charged Chromebooks must come to school each day

4. Students need to be present everyday and on time (at school by 7:40AM; seated by 7:50AM)

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Students interested in auditioning for Jazz Band should speak to Mr. Brenner during band class next week. Jazz Band is an after school committment. Information will be shared in class.
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Contact Us!

If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to reach out to us using the following email addresses. We are here to help you!

Grade 6:

Mrs. Damphousse - Guidance Counselor can be reached at ldamphousse@mpsd.org

Dr. Smith - Asst. Principal can be reached at jsmith@mpsd.org

Grade 7:

Mr. Johnson - Guidance Counselor can be reached at ljohnson@mpsd.org

Mrs. Lynch - Asst. Principal can be reached at llynch@mpsd.org

Grade 8:

Mrs. Swan - Guidance Counselor can be reached at jswan@mpsd.org

Mr. Madden - Asst. Principal can be reached at smadden@mpsd.org

Clinic Staff:

Mrs. Carroll - School Nurse can be reached at mcarroll@mpsd.org

Mrs. Mellen - School Nurse can be reached at kmellen@mpsd.org

Adjustment Counselors & Social Worker

Mr. Sorenson - Adjustment Counselor can be reached at gsorensen@mpsd.org

Mrs. Spencer - Adjustment Counselor can be reached at sspencer@mpsd.org

Mrs. O'Neil - Social Worker can be reached at koneil@mpsd.org


Mrs. Kemmett can be reached at mkemmett@mpsd.org

Special Education Dept. Head :

Ms. Ryan can be reached at kryan@mpsd.org