5th Grade Newsletter Sep. 10, 2015

Mrs. Spratt, Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Dailey, & Mrs. Wallace


Important Dates:

Sep. 18: Book Fair Begins

Sep. 21: NO SCHOOL

Sep. 25: RBT Disney Day (Flyers to come home soon)

Oct. 5-9: Fall Break

Below you will find a brief summary of what we are focusing on this week in each subject.

Social Studies:

We have begun our Native American Unit of Study. We will be exploring the different cultures and they adapted to their environment to survive and thrive. The students are doing a GREAT job with their INB (Interactive Notebook). If you have any expertise in Native Americans or artifacts that you would like to share, please let me know.

-Mrs. Spratt


This week in math my blue group has started multiplying and dividing with decimals. Yesterday was our first day. We will begin next week with the same and move on to the order of operations after a test when we have mastered the content. Order of Operations is a really fun unit to teach and the kids enjoy it too! My red group is ordering and comparing decimals. Today was our first day! Next week will be more of the same, with a test near the end of the week. As always, please call me if you have any questions! Have a great Fall weekend.

-Mrs. Wells


This week we had our first real cycle of Reading groups. The students did well going from center to center, but we will be working on turning in work that is our "best" work. Students will be finishing up their first book in the next week or so- it goes very fast! We will continue working on our phonics skills and cursive skills each week. We will also continue working on using a dictionary as a reference, and will start discussing text structure. Have a great weekend.

-Mrs. Dailey


We have been focusing on identifying the Situation, Purpose, Audience, & Task (SPAT) in a writing prompt, beginning 3.8 paragraph structure, and author's purpose (persuade, inform, & entertain= PIE). We will be learning next week about On-Demand as a whole. We will also be introducing some science content into writing class next week. We will continue to have vocabulary quizzes every Friday, so please allow your child to bring their devices with them to class so that they may use them to take the quiz. Thanks and have a great weekend!

**All autobiography projects & timelines will be saved to put in their 5th grade memory book. You will get them back at the end of the year, I promise! If you have to have the pictures from the timeline before then, please write me a note to let me know. I will need your child to draw pictures on it to have a completed timeline for the memory book.

-Mrs. Wallace