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Jack´s anmärkningsvärda resultat med Redox signalmolekyler.

Jack’s remarkable results with Redox Signaling Technology:

"It [ASEA's products] have also made such a huge difference to the quality of my life as a full time carer for my son."“I have a young son with impaired muscle coordination and other disabilities common from damage to the brain before birth.

I have been using Renu28 for approximately 4 weeks and I started to notice significant changes after the first two weeks.

I also started my son on a personal supply of the ASEA Redox Supplement where I'd give him 1oz / 30ml in the morning and the same dosage of a night time.

My son now has less spasticity and more flexibility, which is huge because now he can move more freely and hold onto objects with greater ease and stability.

His speech has dramatically improved in it's clearness and articulation, which means he's now more easily understood by others and mush less frustrated in the process.

He has improved weight bearing on both of his legs and he can now put his feet flat on the ground, which means that he's walking more efficiently and comfortably.

He has a much better core stability when he's horse riding and his swimming has improved out of sight.

He is a much happier boy and his overall attitude towards school work has changed along with his desire to work with his therapists.

I am so happy with ASEA's products, so please recommend them to parents with children in a similar situation as my son, along with telling the world because you never know who is waiting right now to feel better and start living the life they deserve.

I am forever grateful to my girlfriend Daja, who encouraged me to get my son on the ASEA products.

It has also made such a huge difference to the quality of my life, as a full time carer for my son.We will NEVER look back!Thank you ASEA.


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Nu är det snart måndag igen och tillfälle att lyssna på Reidun vid datorn.

Länk till Reiduns nya Skandinaviska presentation i morgon, mandag kl. 20:30. Ny presentation och det blir endast EN presentation, produkt och business tillsammans.
Om ni har med någon som inte önskar business, så är det bara att lämna presentationen efter användarhistorier.

Det är många som redan har bokat in Stötvig. Missa inte en plats !

Varför åker vi till Stötvig igen ?

Superbra utbildning med internationella ledare.

Vi blir många från teamet som har kul tillsammans.

Stötvig är mycket fräscht och har superbra mat för alla smaker.

Vi kommer att boka så snart som möjligt för att få rum. Hör gärna av dig till någon av oss så synkar vi bokningarna för dubbel/enkelrum.

Vi ses :)

Ulrika & Stefan

Ing-Marie och Per

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Vi är alla engagerade i möjligheten att hjälpa andra att må bättre. Därför har vi också

BLODANALYSER som åskådliggör vad som händer på cellnivå.

Reidun Böhn gör analyser i Mellerud och Åmål

Mellerud, Ör 17/12

Finns 2 tider 13-16.

Boka tider med Ing-Marie 0708613861 och Per 0730916635

OBS! PRESENTATIONEN PÅ KVÄLLEN KL: 19.30 (se tidigare inbjudan )