fisheries managment

managing fish

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this job is about helping fish population and fishing opportunities for anglers

how to get into fisheries mangment

It all starts in high school you to choose field in outdoors that you interest you most people now that work outdoors have a collage degree so you would need to get that so it would be easier for you to get a job and you would not be behind everybody else

how much they make

they make about 50,000 per year

places to get a job doing this

there are a lot of places to get a job doing this like here with all the places around us like the lakes eagle mountain lake and many others there are places down along the coast and down there, there are a lot more different types of fish so you would be really busy checking the population and where the fish are

is their countinuing proffessinal development for this career

no there is not

what do you find intresting about this carreer

that it is working with fish