CMS T-Birds Newsletter

August 2019

Principal's Message

Hello All.

This will be the first of six newsletters to be published throughout this school year. Each one will have new and important information for you. Look for the newsletter about every other month. Another way we communicate is through weekly Facebook posts- if you have not connected with us in that manner it is super easy. Search for @cmstbirds and it will pop up. If you are not a social media person, the same updates found on Facebook will soon be posted to the weekly news feed on our website at

We realize there is a huge adjustment from elementary to middle school not only for the students but for parents as well. To help with the adjustment we would like to invite you to attend what we fondly call Middle School 101 for parents. These occur four times throughout the year and are held prior to our Site Council meetings. Topics vary from being able to know what is going on with your students google classroom, to being aware of what apps your student is using and the good or bad with the apps. A very wide variety of topics. If you have a topic or suggestion, we are open to these.

Parents that are looking for a way to be involved I would encourage you to attend CMS Site Council. It is different than a PTO, in that a Site Council takes more of an advisory role than being part of a group that is in charge of fundraising, or planning events. Our Site Council has participated in a few of these types of activities, but it is not the main purpose. We do need a Site Council Representative and a coordinator for each grade level. If you are interested or curious as to what these positions entail, please call or email me and I will be glad to speak with you.

Site Council and Middle School 101 dates are as follows: September 17th, November 19th, February 25th, and April 20th.

Thank you for your support of Circle Middle School. It is going to be a fantastic year!

Mrs. Young

Attendance Matters

September is National Attendance Month.

“Throughout the country, we see a growing consensus that improving student attendance is an essential, cost-effective strategy for ensuring student success and reducing achievement gaps. Nationwide, as many as one out of seven students are chronically absent. When students are chronically absent, they are missing on average two or more days a month, or 10 percent or more of school days over the academic year. Chronic absence is a sign that students and families may be experiencing barriers to getting to school or are disengaged because their school experience makes them feel unsafe and unsupported. Attendance reflects whether what happens in school encourages students to show up every day or exacerbates the negative impact of challenges experienced in the community or at home.”

Throughout September Circle Middle School will be promoting that good attendance leads to good things.

Here are key ideas:

  1. Good attendance contributes to students doing well in school and eventually in the workplace.

  2. Students are at risk academically if they are chronically absent (missing just two days a month or 10 percent of the school year).

  3. Prevent absences whenever possible.

  4. Students are more likely to attend school if they feel safe (emotionally + physically), connected, supported, and believe they can learn and achieve.

  5. Relationship building is fundamental to any strategy for improving student attendance.

  6. Chronic absence is a problem we can solve when the whole community collaborates with families and schools.

  7. The key to success is to avoid laying blame and taking a proactive, positive, data driven, problem-solving approach.

  8. Families, educators and community partners need to monitor how many days a student misses school.

  9. Reducing chronic absence helps create more equitable academic outcomes, especially for children who live in poverty, experience discrimination and have disabilities.

  10. States can lead the way and encourage districts and schools to take action to improve student attendance.

Quick links for more information:

Counselor Cross

This month is flying by fast in the Counseling Office!. Currently, Mr. Sherwood, Officer Duryea, and my-self have taken the opportunity to visit with all 7th and 8th-grade students about Bullying Prevention and Management. Our students have had wonderful questions and brought great insight to the discussions.

Thank you to all of the warm welcomes I have received from students and adults alike so far. I'm excited to be at CMS this year and am looking forward to an amazing school year!

Gold Team (7th-grade)

Observations from the 7th-grade teaching team after the first week of school:

  • Lots of smiles and small fist pumps as more and more lockers are successfully opened on the first try.

  • Students lending a helping hand when they see other students in need.

  • Fewer 7th graders in the hallways after the tardy bell rings.

  • Students being gently pushed out of their comfort zones by meeting and interacting with new people.

  • Multiple sore muscles from sports practices and physical education.

  • This is a fantastic group of young people.

Chromebook checkout has begun. For students whose parents/guardians have completed the permission slip allowing students to take them home, they should have both a Chromebook and a charger. A conversation that you should have is 1. Where is the best place to charge it? Food for thought--if the student’s bedroom is the agreed up charging location, he/she MIGHT be tempted to use it in the middle of the night instead of catching some zzzzzz’s. 2. How is your 7th grader going to remember to grab it in the morning?

Training is always a continuous process. The 7th-grade team’s focus--walking in the hallway with a purpose, putting papers in the correct “spot” in their binders, and using the agenda as a tool to know what homework is assigned and/or what was learned in each class. Google calendar will also be a tool that’s used for some as soon as everyone has their Chromebooks.

How can you help? With the addition of sports practices after school, other outside of school activities, and the possible increase in homework, students may need some help figuring out a specific time and location they can do their homework.

Today’s Tip: Here are some alternative ideas to the “How was your day?” question.

  • “What was the funniest thing that happened today?”

  • “What challenged you today?”

  • “If one of your classmates could be the teacher for the day who would you want it to be? Why?”

  • If school were a ride at the fair, which ride would it be? Why?

  • Who made you smile today?

  • What new fact did you learn today?

  • Does your teacher remind you of anyone you know? How?

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with your child this year.

Blue Team (8th-grade)

Attention 8th-grade students and parents! We are attending the Kansas State Fair on Wednesday, September 11th. We will leave at 8 A.M. so there will be no late start that day. Band students will be riding a separate bus. We are requesting that parents sign up to volunteer through Class Tag. A letter will be coming home with more information soon, including lunch and ride options for the day.

Upcoming Dates

Sept 2nd- No School, Labor Day

Sept 11th- CMS Band to State Fair

Sept 11th- 8th-grade to State Fair

Sept 16th- Parent/Teacher Conferences by Invitation only

Sept 17th 6:30 pm Middle School 101; 7 pm Site Council

Sept 23rd- No School, Staff Development

Sept 24th- Ceramics Class Field Trip to Ulrich and Wichita Art Museum

Oct 11th- No School, Staff Development

Fall Athletics

Aug 26th- Cheer Tryouts begin

Aug 30th- 3:30 pm Football Scrimmage At CHS

Aug 31st- 9 am CMS Football optional practices

Oct 2nd- Fall Sports Pictures

As always, all games are listed in our District calendar or check out our new website and app to keep up with our Fall Sports at

Lunch Accounts

Please keep up to date on your student's lunch account. You can easily pay online at Just go to the menu, click on Parent Information and then Efunds Online Payment.

You can also come in and pay in the office anytime or send money to school with your student.

Box Tops

No more clipping Box Tops! Scan your receipt and earn money for our school. For more information, go to the Box Tops website:

All proceeds from Box Tops help to purchase books for our library.