Lauryn Babka


This year I signed up for the Crandon water ski show and competition team. My whole team including myself is about 30 people. We drive up to Laona for practices almost every week in the summer. I usually stay with my grandparents who live in Crandon, on Lake Metogna.

The whole team practices on Monday's, Tuesday's, and Friday's. We have shows Thursday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's.

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First picture: I'm on top of the pyramid

Second picture: My team is getting into their places for our pyramid

Science connection #1

when unnatural substances, like hydrocarbon emissions from borning fossil fuels, enter the hydrolical cycle they have an effect on the earths ecosystems and human health this is different from the damage created by acid rain and from greenhouse gases which are the products of human activity.

Science connection #2

water skiing also connects to sound waves because the spotter yells out to you if you want to stop, go , go home, faster, or slower or to see if you are alright


1. How does it connect to science?

2. Why does it connect to science?

3.does it have to connect with science?

4. How can it?