Bringing Hoopla Home!!

happy is better than fancy any day

Will Today Be Your First Day?

Have you had a slow summer? Slow year? A couple of disappointments? Or have you just taken a break from Stella & Dot lately? The good news is that you can pick today as your first day back to start up your business!! We've launched an absolutely amazing new line, announced our next glam getaway, and partnered with Every Mother Counts to raise money for a great cause. And most of all, your fearless leader has returned from Hoopla more passionate than ever about helping each and every one of us to find our joy, our happy, and to style our own lives!

Will you join me in declaring today as our first day?!?!?!

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What is your why?

What could S&D mean to you at the start of this new fiscal year? What could you do with your little blue card this year? Make your car payments? Pay for date nights? Christmas, vacations, kids' activities? Remodeling part/all of your house? Save for a down payment? Pay off your credit cards?

Guess what- you have to start with a goal, and then make a plan to get there. As a teacher, I know this! You cannot just start writing lesson plans without knowing what you want to have accomplished at the end of the lesson. S&D is the same!

So are y'all ready to hear my why? It's super scary, which means it's a great goal and not just an ok plan. And once I tell y'all, I'm holding myself accountable, which means I'll work that much harder and have y'all to cheer me on.

Ok, here goes........ This (fiscal) year, I WILL surpass what I earned as a teacher. I will use this money to pay off my credit card, pay for vacations, Christmas, birthdays, and charitable donations. I will start again contributing to our savings accounts, and take financial pressure off of my husband.

That was the hard part- now for the easier part- making the plan and following through!

Fall 2014 Collection available to everyone today!!!!

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Every Mother Counts

I am beyond excited about our new Foundation partner, Christy Turlington's Every Mother Counts. The bracelets are super stylish, and make a perfect gift for $39. I challenge you to see how many you can sell! My goal is 5 per day!

Here's what the sales of these bracelets will accomplish:

1- provides transportation to and from necessary healthcare

5- pays for a fetal Doppler to ensure safe pregnancy and delivery

10- educates a low-income woman on breastfeeding, nutrition and newborn care

20- buys essential medical equipment for midwifery students

- pays for two prenatal visits for uninsured women

- buys six safe birth kits for mothers-to-be

50- covers the necessary books, school supplies and teaching aids for midwifery students

100- trains a skilled birth attendant through a one-year program

200- buys a 'solar suitcase' that will deliver otherwise unavailable electricity for lights and equipment in rural health facilities

How many do you want to sell?!? Declare it and make it happen!!!!

Let's hang out!

Team meetup, my place, Monday August 4th, 6-8.

Bring the kiddos, the hub, your bestie, whomever! And if you have a prospective, bring her too! We'll be oohing and aaaahing over the Fall jewels, I'll be sharing Blythe's inspiration, and tons of amazing training and ideas from home office.