Isaac Newton

English Scientist who lived from 1642-1727

Fact 1

He formulated three fundamental laws of motion. The laws helped others understand motion better, and also he mentioned a new theory which eventually became a law of science.

Fact 2

He developed the law of gravitation. He also formulated a mathematical expression for the gravitational force. The law of gravity basically says that there is a force that holds everything down to the Earth.

Fact 3

He extended the understanding of color and light. His experiments with light showed that white light passed through a prism broke up into a wide color band called a spectrum.

Fact 4

In mathematics he created a way to find the slopes of curves and the area under them. He used the concepts of time and infinity to calculate these.

Fact 5

When he attended Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1661 he started studying the work of Aristotle. After he learned of the scientific revolution and scientists like, Galileo, and Rene Descartes he changed his way of thinking. He graduated from Trinity College in 1665.