Abilene Texas

small city but big businessess

The City of Abilene

Abilene was a city established in 1881 and got it's name from Abilene Kansas. Abilene has many events and celebrations. For example they have parades, fireworks, calender events, and West Texas Fair and Rodeo. Abilene s Football team is the Eagles and their arch enemy is the Bulldogs. Abilene plays at many different stadiums and even there own. When they shoot there fireworks they shoot them every 4th of July.

Abilene Economics

In Abilene the jobs they offer are physical therapist, super intended, weapons technician, and Air force base jobs. People in unemployment that move to other places or that visit them would have a hard time trying to move because they wouldn't have much money to pay for gas or they would just struggle because they don't have much money to buy resources for them selves or for others. In Abilene the city income they make a year is $41,631. Unemployment might be a problem because the city's income is low.The home cost for 3 bedrooms with a 2.5 bathroom cost about $1,000 or more.

City Geograghy

The types of vegetation that can be found in Abilene are grass, leaves, and lettuce. The population of Abilene is 120,373. In the last 10 years Abilene s population has decreased. The elevation of Abilene is 1,788 above sea level. Rivers that can be found in Abilene is the phantom hill [etc]. Abilene has lots of playgrounds, trees and plants. Abilene s precipitation per year is 24 inches. Abilene has 2,435 sunny days for the climate.

Abilene Government

The mayor of Abilene is Norm Archibald and he is the leader of the city. His role in mayor is to oversee a city's main main departments. The mayor is the leader of the city council but has no greater power. Many students learn well and the teachers teach well enough for the to understand in schools. Abilene has a Christian University, the University is the best school for a person who wants to learn how to be a veteran. They have many activities like the Fall festival and youth basketball. They offer Hospitals and Education for jobs.