December Literacy and Learning News


Giving books is more than just a present!

We have long known the power of having access to books at home. Students with access to books and other reading material at home do better in school. A recently published article in the online ScienceDirect journal now confirms that not only does giving books add to an at-home collection increasing student achievement in the current school year but also supports cognitive abilities required as children move into adulthood. Based on evidence from 31 countries, it is becoming clear that the more books children are exposed to early and throughout life the greater the benefits long past their childhood.

There is a wonderful Icelandic tradition called the "book flood" (Jólabókaflóð.) As part of this tradition, books are given as presents the day before Christmas and time is spent reading the new gifts. Consider participating in this wonderful tradition with your family this year. Below are some book recommendations for all kinds of readers.

Murray Park Parent Leadership Team

Meeting to organize help for the Holiday concert

Please come to a meeting of the Murry Park Parent Leadership Team. The team will be planning to help with the organizations of the holiday concert and a thank you gift for the teachers. The meeting will be at 5:15pm on Monday, December 10th in the Murray Park Community Room - room number 332. We need parents that could help move instruments, fold programs and direct families to the concert. Please come to the meeting and find a way you can help! If you can't make the meeting but would still like to help out email and let us know! If you have a question you can email

Murry Park's Schoolwide Title 1 Plan (Installment 2)

As a Schoolwide Title 1 program, we have goals to help support all of our students, teachers, and families. The second objective of our plan is to build an environment that includes parents as partners in their children's education. Our new Parent Leadership Team is working to support events at school and involve many parents as we can from our school community in these important tasks. If you would like to join this great group of parents come to a meeting at the school on December 10th at 5:15 pm.

Give books as gifts! A holiday buying guide!

Jill Puhlmann-Becker, Reading Specialist RASD