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Year 10 Work Experience Program 2019

To find out more about the Year 10 Careers Work Experience Program and to start the ball rolling on your Work Experience placement.

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Work Experience

Participating in Year 10 Work Experience can be one of the most interesting, valuable and memorable activities in your school life. What you gain from it will depend on how much effort you put into it. This is an opportunity to gain an insight in your interests and gain some skills from the workplace. It's a great time to build your network with potential mentors and future employers. Work Experience helps you to make informed decisions about your future pathways... don't miss this opportunity!

Step 1 : Preparation

  • Finding Work Experience
  • Complete Student Record Forms
  • Resume
  • Work Experience Cover Letter
  • Complete Work Experience Logbook

Finding an Employer.... Check out the database below!

  • Google provides a readymade list of employers
  • Talk to people; friends, family, Year 11 & 12 students, students from other schools may be able to help
  • Look around the local area, note address of potential employer and ring them or visit local workplaces.
  • Check Sutherland Shire Local Council's website
  • Look through the work experience database of previous Year 10 Gymea High School students
  • Look in interest magazine e.g. IT, music etc...
  • Consider contacting university faculties – e.g. Engineering, psychology, medicine, science, engineering
  • If all else fails, see the Career Adviser – Mrs Hristodoulou

Step 2: Work Experience Forms & Documentation

An employer / organisation has agreed to offer me Work Experience.... now what?

  • Complete the Student Placement Record (SPR), complete your section and give or send to employer. You MUST also provide the: Employer Information Guide, Additional Information for Employers and Cover Letter (if you have not already sent through).

  • Provide parents with the Parent Information Guide and Additional Information.

  • Ensure you have fully completed the SPR and submit to Mrs Hristodoulou by the required date.

  • Insurance Certificate has been provided below for employers who ask for this information. This will be updated at the beginning of every financial year.

  • If you are organising Work Experience in a different state, or in a regional or remote area, please see Mrs Hristodoulou ASAP for additional forms.

All forms must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to placement

Step 3: Participation

Student Placement Records must be submitted at least FOUR weeks prior to placement.

All students will participate in a Work Experience Readiness Workshop prior to placement. We will be covering Informational Interviews, Employability Skills, Safety and Emergency Procedures and Placement Expectation.

Submit Forms to Careers Office

Please submit your Student Placement Record to Mrs Hristodoulou, ensuring each page has been completed and signed. There should be three signatures... Student signature, parent signature and employer signature.

One week before the start of your work experience, phone your employer...

  • Re-introduce yourself, check your placement is still convenient, check on your contact person’s name and organise a time and a meeting place for your first morning.
  • Ask if there is any WHS (some employers require you complete WHS document e.g. a public hospital must do a police check and see proof of your immunisation)

During Work Experience, remember...

  • Be punctual, be polite, be co-operative, and most of all, be enthusiastic! If you find yourself with nothing to do, ask what needs to be done.
  • Organise a time to undertake your Mock Interview with the employer.
  • Identify potential candidates for your informational interview. One you have decided, ask this person when would be the most convenient time for them during your week of placement.
  • Should any problems arise, ring Mrs Hristodoulou at school 9521 3244 or on the school mobile no 0408 484 426.
  • Remember, if you cannot attend Work Experience for any reason, you must contact both the school and the employer on the morning of your absence. A note explaining your absence must be handed in at school to the office on your first day back after Work Experience.


First Monday back.....

  • Send an email to the employer thanking them for the experience
  • Submit your Work Experience Logbook
  • Submit Personal Evaluation Form
  • Submit Employer Assessment Report

Once you have successfully completed all of the steps above, you will receive a

Work Experience Certificate for your resume. If you have not completed all of the steps above, you will not receive recognition of your participation.

If you DO NOT find a Work Experience placement it is compulsory that you attend school and complete the Work Readiness Booklet.

If you have any questions, please see Mrs Hristodoulou in the Careers Office

Thank you and ENJOY!!!

Mrs H.