Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

Week 22! January 26th - 30th

Last week was fun! The 100th Day outfits were so cute! You all were very creative! I somehow missed the memo, but we had a great magic show at school on Friday that the kids loved! Between the fashion show and the magic show, we did not have enough time to switch classes, so only one class was able to do Friday's 100th Day activities. While they had fun doing everything, the tootsie-pop experiment and the 100 cup challenge was their favorites! Cute photos at bottom!

Dates to Remember:

Math Test- Wednesday, January 28th

Science Test- Magnets Friday, January 30th

Social Studies- No Test

Grace Gator Day THIS Friday!


Complete Chapter 10 - Numbers Through 100

Start Chapter 11: Order and Compare Numbers on Thursday

Excel Lessons # 78-81

Guided Math (Learning Stations)

Click the link below to practice and play games on Unit 4: Chapter 10.

Chapter 10 Math Test (Wednesday)


one hundred- This is more than 99

regroup- If you have 10 or more ones, you can do this

tens- 30 ones can make 3 of these

ones- 10 of these equal 1 ten

Count and write the tens and ones

Write the number in different ways

Problem Solving Example: John has 44 books to put away. 10 books fit in one box. How many boxes will John need?


This week we will learn more about magnets with a reading of Ch. 11 in our textbook, a Brain Pop video, and an activity packet.

Vocabulary Words- magnet, repel, poles.

Click the link below to practice and play review games.

Social Studies

This week we will not have a Social Studies lesson but will be working on a memory book.

Photos From 100th Day of School

Our recent book order is due to arrive this Monday. This was our largest book order ever! The order was more than $125, which earned our class a free 10-pack of books for our classroom library! Thank you!