End of the Year

Web Tools & Resources For You

PBS Educational Video Collection

PBS Media includes thousands of videos categorized by grade and subject; also includes discussion questions and activities to go along with videos.

Impressive Presentation Tools


EdCanvas offers a really neat, clean way to organize information; it even lets you search for the information within the site. Also able to upload files and insert from Google Drive!


With Projeqt you are able to create dynamic presentation, very cool looking.

Dynamic Timelines!


Tiki-Toki does what it says, creates beautiful looking timelines. Fairly easy to use.


Timetoast allows you to create interactive, easy to follow timelines. Very easy to use.

Make Interactive Images!


Add text, images, links, and videos to sections of a picture. This is cool!

4D Digital Storytelling


Meograph uses a timeline, Google Maps, images, video, and narration. Great for presenting a historical or current event, or life events. Or just telling a story!

Awesome Photo Stories


Add narration to photos, combine for a collage photo story.

Amazing Infographics


Various templates to choose from, just select and input your information. Creates a very nice visual of information!