Team Awesomesauce Newsletter

November 2014 written by Stephanie Nash

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Holiday season is upon us! That means lots of time with family & friends, eating turkey, and one too many slices of pumpkin pie. It also means Holiday Shopping! That means great opportunities to increase sales, grow your team, and meet new customers.
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Recruiting New Team Members

Recruiting can sometimes feel like the hardest part of moving forward and advancing as a consultant. Some people seem to have recruits just fall out of the sky, while others work so hard before the right person comes along. The picture above is a good depiction of how it feels you worked so so hard and have not gotten as far as you'd like, it feels too hard to go on, like giving up might just be the best option. Then there's the next guy who is still chipping away and eventually he will reach the prize. Success is out there ladies! You CAN do it!!! Don't give up!

A Few Tips

  • Include Host / Join Brochures with your thank you notes
  • Always inform a hostess of her Consultant Kit credit if she earns it
  • Share the positive things that Jamberry has brought to your life


Reach Out!

Our Awesome Team Manager is Sarah Reed! If you have questions, post on our Team Awesomesauce page or contact Sarah. One way or another we will find out the info that you need!