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News for Mrs. Idehenre's Third Grade

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December 7, 2015


This week in math we will complete unknown whole numbers. We will assess Unknowns on Thursday. We will also begin patterns in addition and multiplication this week.

English Language Arts (ELA):

This week in grammar, we will begin learning about action and linking verbs. Remember you have access to your child's assessments and scores through Canvas. Log in to see how they did on the adjective assessment.

In reading, we are learning about first and third point of view. We will assess their knowledge of this on Friday.

We have completed our informational writing. Be on the look out for a booklet to come home for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to return it for their writing file. Thanks!

Social Studies:

In social studies, we will assess knowledge of the contribution of the enslaved West Africans to the culture of S.C. We will begin exploring the economy of S.C. and how conflicts began to influence S.C.


In Science, we have learned about natural processes that change Earth's surface. This week we will focus on how humans can reduce the impact of this natural disasters and how we also contribute to the changes of the landscape by building, moving, and mining.

Assessment at a Glance

Thursday - Unknowns Assessment

Friday - Daily Detective Assessment; Slavery Assessment, Point of View Assessment;

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Upcoming Events:

  • Ice Cream - Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

  • Dec. 7th - 11th - Reindeer Shop

  • Tuesday, Dec. 8th - Muffins with Ms. Myles

  • Thursday, Dec. 10th - PTO Meeting 5:30pm; Scholastic Order due

  • Friday, Dec. 11th - Parent's Night Out

  • Week of Dec. 14th - 18th - Children's Book Week

  • Wednesday, Dec. 16th - Santa Pictures

  • Monday, Dec. 21st - Start Winter Break

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