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February 2019

Notes from the Principal

January went by fast and furious. We are very proud of how our students returned from the holidays and got back into the swing of class. They are working hard in class and doing a great job following campus expectations. They have taken Middle of the Year assessments and we are excited about the progress they are making.

Upcoming Events

Jan 31 Early Release Noon

Feb 1 Early Release Noon

Feb 5 Kick off the Jump Rope for Heart

Feb 12-13 Fifth grade benchmark

Feb 14 Valentine's Parties

Feb 15 End of 4th 6 weeks, Noon Release

Feb 18 No School

March 1 Dr. Suess Birthday- dress as your favorite Dr. Suess Character


It's time for your child to show heart! This year we are launching the Kids Heart Challenge. It's your child's chance to be a Heart Hero by learning about heart health, spreading the word and raising funds to save other children. Have your child go to so they can take one of the three challenges and email family and friends about donating. Your child will earn a glow in the dark wristband just for registering online. They get additional prizes for every donation they receive as well. Thank you for supporting the physical and emotional well-being of our students and the American Heart Association.

Math Homework

Math Homework! How scary is that?! There are a couple of ways you can help your students at home. The first way is to please make sure your student knows/is practicing their math facts. Every year we meet as Math teachers K-12 and every year the middle school and high school are concerned because their students don't know their math facts. This impacts every level of math! Working with your kids to make sure they know them would be so helpful to your kids and so appreciated by us! We actually do work on them at school, but by 4th and 5th grade they should have them down pat. It is difficult to transition into middle school math without having mastered their facts. This is an area of math that you, as parents, don't have to be good at math to help with!

The second way is to encourage your children. It is so easy to assume that if you were not good at math, they probably won't be either. That is NOT true!! The hardest thing to overcome is the "feeling" that you can't do it. We work hard at school to instill the attitude of not giving up, and celebrating our success! You can help by asking them what they DO understand! Write it down and celebrate it! Be excited about progress! We teachers really do want your student to succeed!

Now the scary part. The homework that you as a parent just don't understand. Here are some suggestions: If you are both stuck on a problem, take a picture of it and message the teacher on Class Dojo. Ask for help, or just let them know that your student (and you) are having difficulty on certain problems. Another suggestion is to send your student to ACE. They do homework the first hour of ACE. When your student gets home, please do a quick check to make sure they did it and make sure they showed their work! They will have to from 2nd-12th grade!

The last suggestion it! If you get stuck on the "how" to do it.

Bottom line, thank you for your support from home. We are a team!

Student Handbook Reminders

Dress Code Reminders:

*All shoes must have backs

*Shorts/Skirts/Dresses no shorter than 5" above the knee (NO FRAYED CLOTHING)

*Sleeves must be three to four inches wide

*Tights and leggings must be worn with a long shirt that covers the behind

See pg. 48 of the student handbook for additional information


Please remember that school begins at 7:55 am. Students will be given two free tardies and on the third tardy lunch detention. After a student's fifth tardy, they will receive a morning detention. Our classes start phonics or classroom lessons promptly at 7:55 and it is important that students not miss instruction.

Box Tops

Don't forget to save your box tops. IES participates in Box Tops for Education. This provides us with additional funds for student activities.
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Did you know you can communicate with the office through Class Dojo? You can either send a message to Rebecca- Attendance Clerk or Penny- Secretary as well as your classroom teacher to communicate when your student will be out or have other office communication needs.
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Please take note that there are a few changes this year to our attendance policy and how/why students would need to make up attendance hours. Every student must attend 93% of the days class is in session to receive credit. Once a student misses more than 93% they must complete attendance makeup to receive credit. Attendance make up is $5 per hour and completed during Night School (Tuesday/Thursday)(3:35-7:30pm) or Saturday school (8-3:30pm).

** Changes ** A student will be required to make up hours even with a doctor's note if they do not attend school on the day of the note. For an absence to count as a medical excuse and not count in the 93% rule, your student MUST attend school during the day either before or after their appointment. If they do not attend school it will count against their 93% rule and be subject to attendance makeup, even with a doctors excuse.

Please do not hesitate to call the school office (254-687-2922 ext 120) with any questions regarding this change.


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