Al Capone Does My Shirts

by: Gennifer Choldenko

Moose Flanagan's Life on Alcatraz

A kid named moose has a sister named Natalie, that has autism. Their family moved to an island called Alcatraz, where all the bad criminals are locked up in.They have a hard life trying to change Natalie into a regular sister and getting her into a school that can help her. But once Natalie mets sombody , she isn't the same...

Ask your self..

Have you ever been on Alcatraz?

Do you know where it's located?

Have you ever heard about Alcatraz?

Some people say Alcatraz is haunted and some people don't.. What do you think??

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  • Alcatraz is a federal prison where the dangerous criminals are locked in.
  • The date when Alcatraz was running was 1934 - 1963.
  • Alcatraz had a nickname called "The Rock"
  • There is water around Alcatraz and it's about 65 degrees.
  • The water is a great distance away from San Francisco.
  • There was never a successful escape from any of the criminals.
  • A gangster named "scare face" Al Capone and a murder named Robert stroud"Bird men of Alcatraz" spent most of their lives in Alcatraz.

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