Attea Flyers

School Newsletter for Parents

Week of August 20

Hello and welcome to the first week of school, Attea parents.

This week begins with a couple of exciting events:

  • New Family to Glenview Orientation - Monday, 4 - 5pm: this will be a presentation of our middle school program followed by a tour led by our Attea Student Ambassadors.
  • 6th Grade Open House - Monday, 5 - 6:30pm: this is a self-guided tour/exploration of the building for our new 6th graders.

On Wednesday we excitedly welcome over 850 students to a new school year. There's always so much to know and remember about school procedures and policies. We'll use this and the next few newsletters to share timely information to help start the school year off smoothly.

As always, please contact the school office at 847-486-7700 if you have any questions.

Welcome back. And GO FLYERS!!

The School Day

  • 7:10am - Building Opens: students may enter the building and proceed to a supervised area - Band, Orchestra or Choir rooms, LRC, cafeteria for breakfast, supervised open gym, or pre-planned meetings with staff.

  • 7:20am - Overture Period: Band, Orchestra, or Chorus should arrive at school by 7:10 a.m. to participate in their large-group rehearsal as scheduled.

  • 8:15am: First Passing Period: students are released from supervised locations to go to their first period class.

  • 8:25: the official start time of the student day. Students need to be in their first class by the 8:25 bell. Morning announcements begin and official attendance is taken at this time.

  • 3:00pm - End of Day and Dismissal

  • 3:05-4:05 - After-school Activities

  • 4:05pm - Late Activity Bus

Beginning and End-of-Day Student Drop-off / Pick-up and Visitor Access

Morning Bus Routes: By now parents should have received bus information directly from the District's Transportation Dept. If you have not, please contact Transportation directly at 847- 514-3517. Bus transportation will be in place for students on the first day of school for those students entitled to bus service.

  • The morning "activity run” brings students to school by 7:15am each day. This bus run is especially important for our band, orchestra, and chorus students.

  • The regular "morning run” delivers students to school by 8:15am daily to ensure that all students are in place for the start of the school day.

Drop-off's, Walkers, & Bike Riders

  • Students dropped off by car will need to enter the building through the Athletic Entrance on the west side of the building. The image below shows the traffic pattern we ask all parents to follow. Drivers should not stop before the Pedestrian Safety Zone, and should not not drive into the bus parking lot.

  • Students who ride a bike can use a bike rack in the front or rear of the building and can enter the building through the Athletic Entrance or Bus Parking Lot entrance.

  • Students who walk can enter the building through the Athletic Entrance or Bus Parking Lot entrance.

Visitor Access

All visitors (including parents) need to enter the building the main entrance and will need to be buzzed into the office.

After-school Bus Information

  • The regular "afternoon run” will take students home after the dismissal bell at 3:00pm.

  • The after-school "activity run,” (aka Late Bus) which leaves Attea promptly at 4:10 p.m., provides transportation for students who remain after school for intramurals, clubs, or extra help. Only students who remain with a teacher, in the LRC or in a supervised after-school activity during this time will receive the pass needed to board an afternoon activity bus. Please note that the after-school activity bus run will start on after Labor Day. After-school activity buses will not run on the day before Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring Breaks.

Big picture

Information about lunch, pre-paid lunch accounts and student ID's

Students can buy lunch at school (lunch will be served on the first day of school, August 22th, or bring lunch from home (a microwave is available). Students can purchase a complete lunch, the entree only, and/or single a la carte items (yogurt, chips, drinks, fruit, ice cream, etc.).

Students scan their ID cards for payment, which works as a debit card. Thus, students are expected to bring their ID card to lunch each day. Parents must deposit funds into their student's lunch account in order for them to make purchases. This can be done by credit card through our web store: or by check or cash that can be deposited into a drop box in the first floor foyer at school. Deposits must be made by 9:30 in order to be applied by lunchtime.

Additional information about the lunch program including the menu, prices and nutritional information can be found on our Food Service website:

Every student will be given a new ID card on the first day of school. All replacement or additional ID cards will cost $5.00 and can be obtained in the front office. Students who cannot present an ID during lunch will be able to purchase a bag lunch only for that day.

Getting and Staying Informed

The school strives to keep students and parents informed about school events, opportunities, progress, policies, and procedures in a number of ways.

Students can find information about special events, informational meetings, sports tryouts, clubs, intramurals, charity activities, etc., through one of the following sources:

  • Morning PA announcements
  • Attea’s web page which also has a link to the Daily Bulletin
  • Flyers posted around the building
  • Lunchtime announcements
  • Emails from teachers and the principals
  • The weekly Attea Bulletin from the principals

Students should be “tuned in” to any or all of the sources. Students can also find a lot of information and guidance by referring to their Student Assignment Notebook for general school information, by checking their team’s website, or checking their teachers’ Schoology class for information and reminders, checking their school email account, and by regularly checking their PowerSchool account (the online grade book) to help them monitor their academic progress.

Parents receive information about school in a variety of ways:

The BrightArrow system is used to send home email messages as periodic updates and reminders, as well as for important and/or time sensitive matters.

  • The front page of Attea’s website, which includes a link to the Daily Bulletin, provides timely updates and information. Note that in the coming weeks Attea will be introducing its new website.
  • This Attea Flyers newsletter will be sent out regularly.
  • Monthly Principal Chats, which are open meetings that provide opportunities for parents to meet with the principals to talk about Attea.
  • Class progress information is best found in PowerSchool, and team and teacher websites (or Schoology sites) remain good sources of information.
  • Parents can also find a lot of information about District 34’s policies and procedures in the Parent-Student Handbook and specific information about Attea in the front pages of the Student Assignment Notebook (also posted on our school website under the Students tab).
  • A PTA newsletter, Focus, is published regulary and is posted to on PTA’s web page.

Our goal is to foster and maintain a close partnership between the school and home in order to help the students to the best of our ability.