His Traits And Why!

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Today I am going to talk about some of Odysseus' thraits, and why i think that. Includes that he is inspiring, clever, and curious.Keep reading to know why.

He's inspiring

Odysseus is inspiring to his men, very much, several times. "Then I thrust the stake into the depth of the ashes to heat it, and inspired my men with encouraging words, so none would hang back with fear." Odysseus said. Because of his inspiring when he Thrust the stake into the Cyclops Eye, all his men trusted him and left with one sheep. That is why Odysseus is inspiring not just to me, but his men too.

He's Clever

Odysseus is clever because he thinks of very smart ideas, of killing the Cyclops' by getting him drunk."Here, Cyclops, have some wine to follow your meal of human flesh, so you can taste the sort of drink we carried in our ship."said Odysseus. He took the teacup and drained it."Give me more, freely, then quickly give me your name so i may give you a quest gift."said Cyclops."Three time I poured and gave it to him, and three times, foolishly, he drained it." As the Cyclops was in drunkened slumber Odysseus thrust a stake into his eye, killing him slowly Odysseus and his men escaped with sheep, all because of Odysseus clever idea.

He's curious

Odysseus is curious, because he like to want to find things out.(like new stuff) As Odysseus and his men wander into a cave finding all types of cheeses and some sheep. His men wanted to take some cheese and sheep and leave, hoping not to meet the cyclops. But Odysseus is curious "But I would not listen,though it would have been best, wishing to see the cyclops himself, and test his hospility." That Odysseus thought. In that evedince it tells you Odyseuss knows it wasnt the best idea, he still wanted to know, which i think is what makes him curious.