Pygmy Goats

What are pygmy goats and why should I get one?

What is this Smore About?

This Smore is about what pygmy goats are and why they make great pets. So let's get to it. Pygmy goats or dwarf goats a miniature goats. They are know for being so small and being so cute. They come from Cameroon Valley in West Africa. Many people breed and have these tiny goats as pets. I will now go on to explaining where they come from.

Cameroon Valley

Pygmy goats originate in Cameroon Valley of West Africa. Cameroon Valley is in the country area of West Africa, located in Cameroon. Like America, Cameroon has a president. In Cameroonian culture music and dance is a big part. Their music can be a simple as stomping your feet and clapping your hands. At festivals and ceremonies Cameroonians perform traditional dances. When Americans first saw pygmy goats, Cameroon Valley was a vast mountainous area. Now it is partly the same with villages, but the majority of the area are small cities.


You might ask why Americans shipped pygmy goats from Africa. Well frankly it was because people thought they were cute. People thought they could great money off of their appearance. Little did these people know, pygmies goats produce a lot of milk. The milk they produce has a milk fat of 7 to 9% which is very high compared to cows.


Pygmy goats look almost exactly like goats. Their color range is very vast. They can be..

  • white, medium, or dark carmel
  • dark (red) caramel
  • silver-light grey agouti
  • medium grey agout
  • dark grey agouti
  • black with frosted points
  • solid black and
  • agouti
Males usually weigh 40 to 60 pounds. On the contrary females weigh between 35 and 50 pounds. The height range for pygmies is 18-21 inches tall. That's about the size of a medium size dog, such as a bulldog. To many people it is surprising that pygmy goats, both male and female, have horns.


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Are Pygmy Goats Good Pets?

Pygmy goats make very good pets. They are very intelligent and interactive animals. They are very social. They will follow you around like dogs. However, unlike dogs, from a breeder in New York, pygmy goats only cost about $125. They are very good with children because they don't bite. If you do get a pygmy you must be prepared to have it for 8 to 18 years. In those years you must take care of your goat very well. They need to have some type of housing. Dog houses work just fine. You must remember to always keep fresh straw at the bottom of your pygmies home. While building a shed for you pygmy, you might also want to build things so that your new pet can jump around. Some can jump up to 4 feet! A great aspect of pygmy goats that make them great pets, is that when eating grass, they only clip the top like lawnmowers. Many farmers think this is good because horses and other goats eat all the way to the root of the grass. On the note of eating, you need to feed your pygmy very well. If you give them an unlimited amount of food they will eat until they pass out. If you give them the right diet of grains and some fruit, you will see that they eat less than regular barnyard goats. Lastly, you need to make sure your pygmy has fresh water all the time. However during the winter you will want to feed them luke warm food water.


If you're going to get a pygmy goat as a pet, you need to know about breeding. Some people get their pygmies neuter. However, if you don't young males can breed as early as two years old. Most breeders try to wait about 12 to 18 months before breeding pygmies. Now if you're not a breeder, and you want to breed your miniature goat, you're going to either want to find a doe or buck from someone else. A pygmies gestation period is about five months or 145 to 155 days. While pregnant you're going to want to feed your doe plenty of food and water. Sometimes during pregnancy does get very aggressive. When this happens most people get the pygmy dehorned. Most vets will be able to do this for you. By doing this you can insure that your pregnant pygmy will not hurt one of your other pets of goats. Does on average have two to three kids. They can however have up to five. Lastly, does can give birth every nine to twelve months.


The last most important thing to know about having a pygmy goat is their health. You need to make sure that you have a vet near by for the very few medical problems pygmies have. Most of their medical problems have to do with their stomachs. Goats in general have stomachs very similar to cows. Many people think that when their pygmy belches very loudly something is wrong. As a matter of fact the more the belch the better. Belching helps pygmies clear their stomach. By clearing their stomach, there is less of a chance of medical problems. This is simply because the most seen problems are digestive.


In conclusion, pygmy goats are magnificent animals. They make wonder pets. I believe, using the proof I provided, that I should get a pygmy goat for a pet.

In this presentation personal reasons, such as I didn't get all A's on my report card, will not be accounted for me to get a pygmy goat. Deals will be made once whomever agrees that a pygmy goats would make a great pet for me.

Pets 101- Pygmy Goats