Life and Family Services

The Happenings at LFS

The last few months have been very busy at Life and Family Services. We are so excited to share what has been happening.

During the summer months we were blessed with many new clients and provided them the services they desired. These services included prenatal and parenting education, BABE Store shopping, and referrals to other service agencies or physicians throughout Noble County. Many come in with uncertain feelings or concerns and after our staff or volunteers chat with them they are then lifted through the rest of the day or week.

At our Kendallville location the BABE Store and the reception area received a fresh coat of paint from the 5 churches that were part of Engage Sunday on August 21st. This is a huge blessing to us. Our clients have responded as to how inviting, warm, and comforting the area is. We are currently having four exterior doors replaced. This was made possible from the Cole Foundation. Again another blessing!!

In September we changed the Ligonier BABE office hours to Wednesday from 4pm -8pm. We are now located within Stone's Hill Community Church. We are excited to have Katie Jones as the Client Advocate in Ligonier. She is reaching out in the community to introduce herself and inform others what BABE can do to assist families with young children.

The Twinkle of Hope event took place on September 10. We were blessed with 170 people in attendance. This event included a live auction, silent auction, special plea with an anonymous match. We concluded the evening with "Dancing with the Stars" entertainment. A special thank you to John and Lee Wicker, Don and Mary Gura, Chris and Angie Jansen, and Chris and Sasha Frazier. They stepped out of their comfort zones in support of Life and Family Services. The dances were wonderful and the judges did a great job having fun with the evening and in the end we raised over $40,000 to assist LFS and the Noble County women and families in need of our services. A huge thank you to all of you that assisted in any way and made this event possible.

The Apple Festival was another success. This year we made 7,120 apple dumplings and we are happy to say we sold out during the festival. We consider this a hallelujah year as this has only happened a couple of times since LFS has sold them at the festival. Thank you to all of you that helped throughout the process.

How can you help LFS? We need DIAPERS to cover little bottoms!

1 out of 3 families struggle to afford diapers for their children. Our families earn their diapers by accessing healthcare, educational and social services that help them become better parents and have healthier families.

We need diapers, especially sizes newborn, 4, 5, and 6.

We also need fragrance-free wipes, any brand will do!!

We thank you and our babies and their parents thank you!