We Were Liars


We are Sinclairs. No one is needy. No one is wrong. We live, at least in the summertime, on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts.Perhaps that is all you need to know.Except that some of us are liars.

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This book is about a family that lives a perfect life they have perfect hair,perfect clothes,perfect homes and even perfect children.As we all know no one and nothing is perfect but in some way this family has a way of showing that they are perfect.The kids in this book are more of the not so perfect yea they are perfect such as beautiful,handsome, great hair and perfect homes.From the kids sneaking out to one of the other many houses on there private island to going to night swimming to jumping off cliffs they have a twisted way of making them look perfect.This book may come off as love story, a tragedy or maybe even a mystery but what the characters do in this book is just all of them put together.The main characters in this book is mainly the kids but there is also the grandpa who is going crazy and the mother of the main character cadence who is going through the most though time f her life but that's normal right?The main character Cadence is known as one of the 'liars' in this book falls in love with Gat one of her cousins friends that goes on vacation with them during the summer and is a little off but you will see why this is once you read the book.Gat is one of the kids who is a little lost has a broken home not the best dressed but finds a way to manage also he falls in-love with cadence but is a little afraid to tell he this but they soon find away to make it work which he is also one of the 'liars as well as the cousins.The cousins are another big part they help each other plan the events that occur are beautiful, passionate,and at the same time dreadful but to know what happens your gonna have to be apart of the lie.

Why I choose this book?:

I chose this book because my friend recommended it to me so i read the first page and automatically i was hooked.

My favorite part?:

My favorite part of the book occurred when in the middle of the book when the main characters in the book got together and planned to burn down one of the many houses on the Sinclaire private island.This is my favorite part of the book because this part sets the tone of the book and at the end you don't expect what happens to happen.

Reasons why I liked/disliked this book:

Some reason I liked this book is because this book helps show how just one thing that you think is going to help can turn into something different.Another reason I liked this book is because it always has you guessing and every-time you think something is going to happen it changes and goes a different way. Reasons why I disliked this book is because I DON'T LIKE THE ENDING!!This book dose have amazing detail and explains very well but I just wish that the ending didn't come so fast and there was more to the book or that there where more books after about what happens to her and what happens to the family's.Also how she feels or if she starts to remember what happens. I just want to know how it ends.


Overall,I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because this book shows how anything could happening any situation.Even though i said i disliked the ending i still really like this book its is by-far the best book i have ever read this book shows an amazing love story to a tragedy and always keeps me guessing so and that's what i look for in a book to keep me interested.
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It would be recommended for anyone who likes to be kept guessing.To anyone who is ready to be heart broken from a book anyone who is willing to be apart of the lie.
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