Forensic Science Technician

Rachel Freemon

job description

to investigate crime scenes fro evidence to help the investigation

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  • Keep records of detailing findings, investigative methods, and laboratory techniques.
  • Collect evidence from crime scenes
  • contribute investigative or analytical methods or findings in court cases and investigations
  • Use photographic equipment to document crime scenes.
  • Visit morgues or contact other sources to obtain evidence for investigations.

Working Conditions

  • crime scenes
  • labs
  • morgues

Training / Education Requirements

Four year Bachelors degree
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personal characteristics

  • observant
  • unbothered by blood/bodies
  • good at science and math
  • critical thinking
  • reading comprehension

earnings/ job outlook

projected job growth

  • 14%

  • $56,320 annually

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education spotlight

Texas A&M University- College Station, Texas

Sam Houston University- Huntsville, Texas

Boston University- Boston, Massachusettes

Drexel University- Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

George Washington University- Washington D.C.