Africian History

By: Jaelynn Bochat

Colonization/Slave Trade (quiz)

Quiz Questions:

1.At FIRST, what did the Europeans want/like about Africa?

2.Fill in the blank. Portugal started _______________________________.

3.What is the Middle Passage?

4.What crops were the most rich/profitable crops grown in the New World?

5.Fill in the blank.Since the Slave Trade ENDED Europeans all wanted to _________________________ Africa?

6.What is another name for the Triangular Trade?

7.What is colonialism?

8.Fill in the blank. The empire building by taking over other countries government's trade and culture is called _______________________________.

9.Name AT LEAST 3 countries that colonized Africa.

10.What is the Berlin Conference?

Quiz Answers:


2.Transatlantic Slave Trade/Triangular Trade

3.The trip from Africa to the New World during the slave trade



6.Transatlantic Slave Trade

7.the forced control from one nation to another nation


9. Germany, Belgium,France ,Britain, Spain , Portugal

10.a series of meetings in Berlin, Germany that the European leaders attended to divide up Africa

Apartheid in South Africa (newspaper)

Not long after South Africa gained their independence in 1910 the all white government created laws to make sure that they had the wealth and the better land. The laws they created were called Apartheid .Apartheid laws kept the blacks ,colored, and Asians separate from the whites . These laws had an huge impact .They were forced to move to poor areas of land(called the homelands).They could not vote ,they had low paying jobs and were put into poor schools. They even had to carry identification with them everywhere they went. Restaurants , hositipals , and schools were separate from whites and blacks.The blacks protested for many years about these unfair laws. The laws were ended by a President named F.W. de Klerk. Nelson Mandela who was a major black leader who fought for rights and freedoms had finally been able to be released from prision .Mandela was later elected president of South Africa during the country's first multiracultracial election. Because of Apartheid many blacks were mistreated but that made them work even harder to end Apartheid and they did!

Death Rates/Disease Percentage in African Countries(chart)

Diseases in a country can really effect death rates in that country. With more diseases there is more deaths in the country because there is more diseases you can catch and die from. For example ,Nigeria has a higher disease percentage so their death rate is higher.
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Independence for Nigeria,Kenya,&South Africa(newspaper article)

Nigeria's Independence:

In 1885 the British had a strong influence on Nigeria. By 1914 the British began making colonies and setting up a new governments. The Nigerians encouraged the demands for greater freedom of participation in political actives.The Nigerians fought for freedom/independence.The British didn't take long to decide to give the Nigerians their independence.The British peacefully gave Nigeria their independence.The Nigerians barley even had to fight for it.

Kenya's Independence:

Kenya's road to independence began in the 1950's when the Mau Mau ,a secret organization that was against the British started a rebellion. The members of the Mau Mau began attacking the white British people violently.In 1952 the British leaders arrested many Kenyan leaders.Then sometime between 1952 and 1956 the British defeated the Mau Mau. Finally in 1957 the British let the native leaders be able to be elected for the legislative council and by 1960 ,Africans were a majority in the council.The next years the British worked with African and white leaders to plan the country's way to independence.

South Africa's Independence:

The British arrived in the 18th century and placed a huge impact on South Africa.In 1814 the British power was in control.The British controlled South Africa until 1961, when the South Africans reached out and demanded freedom.Finally after all the protest they gained their independence in 1934.Still the power came mostly from whites the South Africans were able to convince the government and white leaders to give them their freedom.