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Saint John XXIII May 10, 2020

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Leadership Message

God Bless our Mamas

Happy Mother's Day to all of our SJXXIII Mamas, Stepmoms, Grandmas, Babas, Aunties...all those who love with a mother's heart. We are so grateful for all you do and the many ways you love so fiercely and graciously. Especially during this pandemic, we turn to our moms to be our soft places to land, to reassure us that it will be okay, and to guide us with steadfast faith.

We recognize that many of you were looking forward to those Mother's day "spas" or school creations, secretly packaged in crumpled bags filled with the joy and love of your child. We know that some of our Pre-K and Kindergarten mamas were waiting with anticipation for that special "first" school Mother's day celebration. We hear you...we were too!

We may not be celebrating at school in the way we are used to but please know with all your heart, today-we are celebrating each and every one of you for the beautiful mom you are!

Enjoy your crumpled dandelions or your breakfasts in bed or the special hugs...but most importantly, know in your heart of hearts-you are cherished and loved for the mom you are!

Happy Mother's Day!


Mrs. Bonnie-Lynne Boehm, Principal

Mrs. Boehm's Weekly Challenge: What can you build?

This week's challenge: What can you build?

Calling all innovators, creators, something (or many things) this week and send in your creation. Lego, blocks, forts, Fairy houses or creative and share your awesome building skills this week with us. We cannot wait to see your designs!

Please send your weekly challenge picture to Mrs. Boehm We will post these on our various school sites (Twitter, Facebook, and Weekly Smore).

Last week's challenge: Show your Mom some LOVE! (if you took pics today, still send them to Mrs. Boehm)

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Our Mystery Reader was Superintendent, Mr. Shawn Haggarty who shared a beautiful story, Red, by Michael Hall, about being true to you and letting your "colour" shine for all to see!

St. John XXIII Mystery Reader Reveal May 11, 2020

Spirit day: Thursday, May 21-Wear blue to celebrate Catholic Education!

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Registration for 2020-2021 is still open! Come grow and learn with us at Saint John XXIII!

Fees: Important information was sent home Friday re: fees and reimbursements, check your inbox. Our EICS website also has information linked below. Please contact the office with any questions.

Annual talent show: St. John XXIII'S Got Talent

Dear Students and Parents of St. John XXIII,

WE are thrilled to announce that The Servant Leadership Squad is hosting the 5th annual school wide talent show! All students are welcome to share the gifts and talents that God has blessed them with during this show.

Due to our unusual circumstances of students learning at home, we are hosting a Virtual Talent Show Week Long Event. This year’s “St. John XXIII’s Got Talent” will take place throughout the week of June 15 - 19, 2020.

You will need to send in a video submission. It is the intention to include anyone who wants to participate, however participants MUST have a WELL - REHEARSED act in order to be considered.In order to make it to the final Talent Show, each submission will be reviewed and a GOLD STAR will be granted to all those who put forth their BEST EFFORT and that the act is school appropriate. Please send in your video by May 15, 2020.

**PLEASE NOTE: By sending in your child’s video, parents are consenting for it to be shared/streamed on our public St. JohnXXIII Youtube channel or St. John Facebook page ***

Ideas of Talents to share:

Play an instrument, short skits/plays, Poetry reading, original dance routines, Singing, Gymnastics, Sport Skills.

Other creative and appropriate presentations are welcome.

Each act will need to be limited to 2 mins or less.

Send in your Talent Show Submissions through “We Transfer” to Mrs. Doderai (steps will be sent from your child's teacher)

We look forward to celebrating all the many gifts and talents of the students in our St. John XXIII Family!

Thank you,

School Spirit Team, Mrs. Doderai, Mrs. Schaub and Mrs. Comartin

Thank you Parents for the wonderful conversations during Parent-Teacher conferences last week

We continue to stay connected to our students and their families and truly appreciate the touch points last Wednesday.

One of the themes that came up was some students having challenges with sustained focus and attention on task. A couple of research-based best practices to consider when setting up students for success:

1. Time on Task: (actual working time for a learning task): typically' age X2 for the minimum and age X5 for maximum. So an 8 year old should be between 16-40 minutes.

2. Attention focus time for direct instructions and lessons: typically age=#of minutes in the early years. So a 6 year old can typically sustain attention for about 6 minutes.

Strategies for sustaining time on task and attention time:

  1. Incorporate a small movement: In school, teachers will often have their students do a small movement shift when they need direct attention (stand up and switch spots). It only takes a small movement shift to restart the attention span timing
  2. Incorporate movement breaks when tackling learning tasks: Have the materials at a different "work space" so students need to stand up to change pencils or other supplies. These small movement breaks help sustain the focus.
  3. Chunk learning tasks into different parts of the day. Making a schedule that includes many "recesses" is essential for focus and brain pathways.

Remember, everyone is doing the best they can in each moment and together, we can. :)

Continuing the learning: COVID 19 update

We hope this message finds you and your families safe and in good health. Thank-you for your continued support and patience as we continue to navigate through our current COVID 19 situation. We have updated information that we would like to address moving forward including the recently announced statement from the Alberta Government, assessment of student learning and EICS fee reimbursement.

Important Message from the Alberta Government:

UPDATE - May 1, 2020 - Statement from Minister of Education LaGrange

As announced yesterday by Premier Kenney during the release of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy, the province has made the decision to not have students return to in-school classes for the remainder of the academic year. While we know many of you anticipated this decision, we do understand it is still difficult to hear. It is for us as well. It is another example of the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it has changed the lives of all Albertans in so many ways.

Assessment of Student Learning: Where are we at? Where are we going? How will we get there?

As the announcement was made on March 15 by the Alberta Government that in-school classes would be cancelled indefinitely, staff, students and parents wrapped our heads around what remote teaching and learning would look like. Since then teachers and staff have provided the opportunity for continued learning and growing for each student. Once again we thank you for all your support and energy that has gone into assisting your child's learning from home.

On the last day of school in June (June 26), each student will receive a final report card appropriate to their grade level. The report card may look a little different than the past and will focus on your child as a learner. Teachers will use assessment information prior to the school closure, as well as, formative assessment (level of student understanding provided through feedback) during this remote learning period. Teachers are gathering formative assessment through a variety of ways: observations, questioning during Google meets (both as a student group as well as during one-on-one conversations-meets) and assessments pieces such as; assignments,learning tasks, forms, quizzes, Flipgrid, and Prodigy. These methods provide teachers with information on the growth and learning of your child and allows teachers to respond and give feedback.

It is very important that your child stays connected to their teacher and classroom. This allows teachers the opportunity to provide formative assessment and feedback. Teachers understand that every student may not be able to complete every learning task and will continue to communicate with students to determine areas needed for further support. Ongoing conversations between teachers and parents can help to determine the supports that are needed to move forward.

Due to change in the learning platform there may be growth in areas as well as gaps in student’s learning when school resumes. The growth and the gaps will be assessed and addressed by teachers and student support team upon return as they continue to provide students with the support necessary for the ongoing success of all students.

As directed by Alberta Education, all students who were on track to progress to the next grade will. We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or school administration with any questions or concerns you have.

Thank you for all your efforts and energy to manage this situation as our students engage in remote learning. We look forward to our continued collaboration as we shape the 2020-21 school year together. Please stay healthy and safe.

Together we can!

Important survey for parents re: Re-Entry planning (let your voice be heard)

ASCA (Alberta School Councils' Association) has been involved in preliminary consultations, along with other partners in education, primarily presenting policy perspectives on health and safety.

Representing parents on school councils in Alberta, it is important that ASCA collects a provincial perspective on this matter.

Please contribute input with the online survey link below, by May 14, 2020.

COVID-19 Response: Connections Circles with Mrs. Boehm & Mrs. Heesing (Grades 3 & 4)

Mrs. Boehm and Mrs. Heesing will facilitate sharing circle groups with children at grades 3 & 4 once per week. (Grade 3 Connections Circle and a Grade 4 Connections Circle). The purpose is to continue supporting connections with other peers and staff at St. John XXIII, in addition to their teachers and homeroom classrooms. Through conversations with parents and teachers, some students have been identified that are needing some additional supports as they navigate missing school and familiar routines. Pre-adolescent worries and wonderings are common as children try to make sense of their world. We are hearing some additional worries emerging from the circumstances of COVID-19. Mrs. Boehm and Mrs. Heesing ran Connections Circles and Regulation Circles prior to COVID during the school day with some students and this is another wrap around student support to respond to the current needs arising from COVID-19. It is hoped that these sharing circles help recreate (in a just a small way) some of the natural interactions that we have at school throughout the day. If you feel your child might benefit from this, please talk to your child's teacher and they can forward their name.

*Please note: This is a responsive, trauma-informed support, built on the organic connections and relationships existing within our school community. This is not a formalized counselling or psychology service. To facilitate a safe and responsive circle, this will be number dependent and limited to students without other additional school supports.

Great links below for learning at home; resources for parents

OLA Parish Connection

Check out OLA Catholic Parish Facebook page for upcoming events, including an online retreat for youth, ZOOM rosary and catch up, and Rosary for Our Lady at Skaro Shrine.

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Pope Francis encourages us to pray the rosary together this month: Join our grade two teachers to pray the rosary together.

Coping & Connection for Children & Families During COVID-19 links and resources below: Take care of you

EICS Resources: Linked below

Saint John XXIII School Council News

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Administration and PSC executive met on Thursday, May 7th to wrap up this year and plan for our next school year. Updated minutes and information will follow in next week's news.

LOOKING AHEAD...A week at a glance

Monday, May 4: Weekly Challenge: What can you build?

Monday, May 11:

Monday "Virtual" Assembly-live on our school Youtube channel at 7 am. Will also be sent via your child/s teacher.

Remote learning classes continue-please make sure you are connected to your child's classroom

Tuesday, May 12:

Remote learning classes continue-please make sure you are connected to your child's classroom

Wednesday, May 13:

Remote learning classes continue

Thursday, May 14:

Remote learning classes continue

Friday, May 15:PD Day-No school for students

Remote learning classes continue

Monday, May 18: No school

We want to continue sharing: Please send and share pictures from home that you are comfortable sharing in our weekly newsletters to Mrs. (just please make sure your child's name is not in the pic)

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