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Happy Holidays!

The privilege of being your realtor is a relationship we cherish and guard with commitment and gratitude. We are so grateful our paths have crossed with yours and look forward with anticipation for the friends we have not met yet.

We hope 2016 will hold many new opportunities for each of you.

The Van Poole Properties team

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Who do you know...

Who do you know that is talking about needing to make a move, wanting to invest in real estate, or knows someone moving to DFW? We would love the opportunity to help them with their real estate needs. Share this email with them or give us their contact information. We will reach out to them and extend our services. Call us at 972-608-0777.

Every year we grow by referrals from our friends, family, and valued clients. We appreciate you!

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With Christmas this week, it’s always fun to reminisce about the fun gifts we received as a child. Check out what our team enjoyed most. What was yours?

Barbara Van Poole, Chairman

My favorite childhood Christmas gift was a pair of white cowgirl boots with golden scrolls at the top. I was 9 and we lived out in the country on 40 acres in south central Texas. With those amazing boots, I could tromp through the fields, explore, chase cows, & ride our pet donkey, Charley. My feet & legs were protected from the weeds, stickers, and animal droppings. And, I thought I looked sooooo cool in those boots! I’d even sleep in them some nights...

Seychelle Englehard, CEO

Mine was a denim jacket that had amazing bedazzling and puff paint on it from my adopted "Aunt Jan Foster." Imagine new kids on the block denim jacket with lace, glow in the dark puff paint, jewels, tassels and rhinestones. I was kind of short so I wore this jacket for 4-5 years in elementary school.

Kristen LeForce, Transaction Manager

Horseback Riding Lessons when I was about 8!

Erica Smith, Administrative Manager

My favorite present growing up with this black patent leather pair of shoes. I LOVED them. I wore them everywhere. They left these little black scuffs on tile and wood floors that were fun to rub off. My dad called them my Milli Vanilli shoes. I was clearly an only child.

Corrie Harris, Dir of Lead Gen and Relo

Mine was a peaches and cream Barbie. I thought she was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life! Her dress was so perfect and it would just float in the air like a Walt Disney cartoon. It's the only toy I kept from my childhood.

Sharmy McDonald, Lead Buyer Specialist

My favorite Christmas gift was a Miss Beasley doll. I would pretend I was Buffy from the show Family Affair, living in a high-rise "house" and Mr French was my butler. Apron, granny glasses and a pull string voice.

Meleese Hoss, Buyer Specialist

Mine was my first puppy, Missy. I had been begging and begging and begging for a dog for two years. My stepdad did not want one and refused. I came home one day and had had a bad day at 2nd grade. The next morning Missy woke me up with slobbery kisses, and all was right in the world!

Andrew Dinett, Buyer Specialist

Mine was a miniature air hockey table that turned into a miniature pool table as well! I was about 9 when I got it!

Rayna Lee, Market Specialist

My first thought was my LiteBrite (I spent countless hours pushing in those little lite up pegs! ) although I think my favorite was my little portable record player. It had pictures of Donny and Marie Osmond on it and it went with me to every slumber party. I loved my record player!

Macey Gloff, Market Specialist

My favorite Christmas gift was a 4-wheeler from Santa. I still to this day can not figure out how Santa fit the 4-wheeler in his slay. ;) This 4-wheeler provided many fun memories riding around my grandparents farm with all my cousins.

Carolina Caldwell, Market Specialist

My favorite Christmas gift was a baby doll named Beppo. I got him when I was very young and I had him for many years. Yes, it was a boy. :-)

Marie Hoke, Listing Partner and Broker

My favorite gift was a horse... of course!

Gwen Harker Poole, Realtor Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin

My favorite childhood Christmas present was a bright green 2-wheeled boys bike that I got from Santa in the 1st grade! It gave me freedom to ride as fast as I possibly could, feeling like I was flying, all through the neighborhood!!
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When your company has a relocation client coming to Texas, give Corrie a call. We have agents that service all of DFW and Austin. If we do not currently service the area... we have a connection that does. Your referral is in good hands with us.

Corrie is our Director of Business Development and Relocation
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